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  • jacksonpt


    I’m looking to launch a few blogs and WP is my prefered blog tool. However, I’d like to find a way to integrate photo capabilities into the blog as well.

    Has anyone integrated any of the photo galleries (Coppermine, etc) into WP? I’d love to see some examples? Ideally I’d like a blogger to be able to create a blog entry and more or less attach images to that entry.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Chelsea


    I would be interested in seeing this happen as well. 🙂



    yes there Gallery2 at

    Then you need the plugin for wordpress from:

    I have it running on my site now, but its not really ready yet, since I am still migrating from the old version of Gallery :

    Look through the forums here though, there is tons of info on it.



    Coppermine v1.4.3

    Coppermine Plugin v3.7 by Martijn van der Kwast, Matthias Jell and Jason Goldsmith.
    This plugin is to integrate users from WP with coppermine…ie.. one login.

    cpmFetch v1.6.2 by William B. Chmura
    This plugin will pull images from your gallery and display them on different pages. Many options available with this one.

    My Gallery (uses WP+Coppermine plugin):

    My Profile (modified author.php page including cpmfetch):



    I’m using WP1.5 and Gallery2 with WPG2 plugin.
    Works great together.



    Ooooh nice! 🙂

    After I’m done upgrading to 2.0 I might check some of those out..



    FAlbum: Here’s what it looks like on my site.



    JoeyE :: Is there a way to create thumbnails for flash and movie content in Coppermine? (rather than the file-type icons)



    WarAxe: Yes, it is documented in the Coppermine documentation files (very well documented at that). In a nutshell, you basically take a screenshot of the flash file and save it as thumb_xxxxx but just named the exact same as the file. There is a little more to it but thats basically all of whats going on with that.

    On my gallery, I have multi users. So 98% of them are too lazy to create thumbs of those flash/mov/etc. files. :p





    Thanks for the replies everyone, some good stuff you all are doing.



    Ok, might as well throw mine into the mix as well.

    I’m using a hacked version of lazy-gallery.

    What I like about lazy-gallery is that I don’t have to worry about rewrite rules getting messed up (see this forum for some of the gallery/falbum woes). It works with WP because it was developed FOR WP; instead of requiring some sort of adaptor plugin.



    Good discussion so far. Just wanted to throw a few other questions out. I am new to blogging and also am looking for some integration of photos. I looked at Coppermine, Gallery2 and the plugin, and ZenPhoto. It looks like Coppermine and Gallery2 are not compatible with WP 2.0. Is that correct? And ZenPhoto is a stand alone only, right? The example was pretty cool, and looked to just link to blogs on the sidebar. Or does Zenphoto have a robust blogging feature?

    If these are repeated topics, I am sorry, but I am trying to explore the best answer for a purely family oriented site both journals and photos. I like some of the ideas so far, but I have installed WP2.0. Thanks.



    I use Coppermine and I am updated to WP2.0. Along with the coppermine-integration plugin that I mentioned previously, I am able to use the gallery with my wordpress.



    Thanks Joey. Somehow in my rushed reading and checking, I didn’t see that the recent release of coppermine has support for WP2.0.

    I like your solution thus far because it appears that you have kept your blog and added the gallery in the pages links. I also like the gallery toolbar. Some of the others I have looked at thus far had too many buttons and didn’t look clean enough if you know what I mean.

    Any cons for coppermine? Easy install? Easily customized to match blog sites? I’m tring not to turn this decision into an all day affair, but knowing myself, that is probably going to happen :\

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