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  • Anyone else notice the admin screens look better in IE then Opera?
    all the options for the title, post status, etc. are all on their own lines in Opera but in IE they are all side by side.

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  • Quick answer: IE isn’t standards compliant and doesn’t render correctly. This is the main reason I use Mozilla Firefox over IE, not to mention the fact it’s better.

    Mark (podz)


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    Oh dear ……. wait til our No.1 Opera fan gets here 🙂

    Wait till sushubh reads this… hehehe
    Uhm. As far as I know about Opera, it has some minor quirks with rendering some css “floats” correctly, this causing this weird effect in Opera.
    It’s best to wait for sushubh for a definitive answer… or at least an answer from someone with more Opera knowledge. ;]

    Okey, yeah Opera has 2 bugs when it comes to WP admin interface.
    I am not exactly a geek so here is how I can explain them…
    a. fieldset positioning using CSS. Floats work fine.
    b. it also has problem selecting lowest values in the category field if there are too many of them, the menu retracts on mouse over…
    First one is a known bug to Opera developers. And second is hard for me to explain to them but I am trying…
    But I still post using Opera. Just need to turn the stylesheets off. That I can do without an extension. Right?
    And yeah there is another quirk. Not a bug coz Opera people say Javascript officially cant do that… The quicktags dont work exactly as they do in IE or Mozilla.

    Ah, I wasn’t imagining things with the Quick Tags. But I’m still not giving up Opera.

    me neither… 🙂
    the benefits hugely overcome the shortcomings 😉

    that is why people use tables and less css so it works on all browsers I guess? even the buggy opera! :p
    which btw I am using too! it crashes a lot though. (at least the latest preview beta). Not near as often as firesomething, tough.

    I’m sure if the Opera guys know about the bugs they’ll be fixed soon, they are pretty fast about that stuff. Unlike IE they will keep making new versions.
    Tables have also been around for longer haven’t they? What preview are you using? Preview 4 is alot more stable, 3 crashed alot for me.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    The code is good and standards compliant, so I’m pretty certain that as the Opera developers improve their browser your WP experience will just get better and better.

    i managed to crash “preview4” 3 times already within 2 days of use.
    still, it’s more stable than firesomthing anyday.
    but for now I use IE when doing wp admin stuff… the horror!

    Do a fresh install if u are installing Opera preview versions. and you will experience less crashes (if any)… they say that pretty clearly..

    yeah. always do fresh installs of opela.
    since it’s a preview beta thing it’s been expected to crash anyhow.
    though i am not sure the firesomething crashes are normal… maybe i messed it up with some extensions… hm. I deinstalled all FF extensionsbut still… who knows what registry relicts hide in the shadows…

    dunno, i guess the downloads i make are extra special. my opera has always been rock solid 🙂

    i forget to mention this.
    i have had problems with private posts working in Opera.
    Opera takes the redirection as some kinda privacy concern and blocks it.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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