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    Sorry this counts as a double post, but I’ve redefined what my problem is somewhat (very green, misunderstood where I was in the process) so I thought I’d ask more clearly here.

    I’m trying to upload onto my FTP using FileZilla. I’ve followed the guides very carefully, and uploaded the wp files into the root directory “/” but when I go to (in my case ) I get an error message saying:

    “Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.”

    I don’t know what is causing this, but I assume now that it has to do with what info I need to put in the config (wp-config.php) file.

    So where do I get this info…..

    Database Name
    Database Name used by WordPress
    Database Username
    Username used to access Database
    Database Password
    Password used by Username to access Database
    Database Host
    The hostname of your Database Server. A port number, Unix socket file path or pipe may be needed as well.

    …and do I need to have downloaded MySQL to complete the process?

    Sorry I have very little idea how any of this works, I was not my original plan to upload my site this way 🙁

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  • Do you have CPanel access on your host?
    If so you need to create a mysql database.

    When you do that you will have a database name and password and user name.(keep them)
    Host is usually : localhost

    Once you have entered that content into the wp-config.php file,
    upload it.
    Then go to the install link and all should be good

    Okay cool thanks. I don’t know what CPanel is, but I will search for a guide on that, and hopefully not come back crying with a bloody nose. 😉

    K I don’t think I have CPanel access. I have the username and password for Filezilla and the ftp pages of the site, but that is all. I’m not even 100% sure who the host is (I think eNom). I’m replacing a previously existing site.

    And the host is Webserve Canada, I was mistaken earlier.

    Try uploading the WordPress files again from a fresh download of WordPress.

    You don’t need to make any changes to wp-config.php at this stage. Visit the site first and see if setup instructions come up.

    So I’ve gotten access to my CPanel, set up and named a MySQL database with a username and a password there.

    Where does Database Host info for the config file comefrom? It’s not clear to me from the guide.

    Alos, the instructions say to edit the config file with “a text editor.” Does that mean I should use notepad, rather than Dreamweaver?

    You have uploaded wordpress in a wrong directory . Once you mange to upload in the right one – you should get the installation page giving directions on setting up your SQL , etc .

    Here’s what you need to do :
    1) install wordpress in public_html directory . So in filezilla where it says ” / ” change that to “/public_html/” .
    2) do not copy the folder “wordpress” , but the content of the folder. ( otherwise your site will be installed on )

    Once its installed correctly , you will get the installation page – where you need to figure out how to create a SQL database and copy the same during installation .

    I can’t rename “/”

    ???? Why not ????
    Where it says Remote Site or remote current folder – there is the folder path “/” . you need to change that to ” /public_html/ “
    Check in the filezilla help if your not sure how to use it

    I can rename folders below ” / ” but it won’t let me rename that one. I’ll check out the filezilla guides.

    I guess your still “connected” . You need to “disconnect” first and then change the path .
    I normally use BulletProof FTP Client rather than filezilla, cos its soo much easier . It has a free 30 day trial .

    I should check out BulletProof then. Disconnecting doesn’t appear to do it, as everything under remote site disappears when I disconnect.

    Yes! It’s all installed!

    But I just uploaded my .xml file (from an earlier site) and all that shows up is the default wordpress theme. Any idea why that would happen?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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