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  1. willmoo
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I've just setup WP 1.5.2 using default rss feed url (..?feed=rss2) I use bloglines.com for my 'on the road' feed reader. I'm finding that BL is not getting my new posts. When I subscribe for 1st time it gets all posts but never finds new ones.

    I use Thunderbird to read at home and this works fine. When I click get new message it pulls in all new ones.

    BL is meant to check ever hour but nada!

    Anyone else experience this? , BL gets new messages for all my other feeds (a lot use WP!)...


    WP is wicked!

  2. Potter_System
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Bloglines reads feeds according to people with suscriptions on each one. The more people a feed has, the more frequent the feed is reloaded.

    First, check if your feed really shows the lastest posts. If you are not getting your newest posts even when your feed works OK, you have to talk with Bloglines people. The service goes crazy sometimes ;)

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