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  • I put together a blog.
    I’ve tried to style as many elements of the default install as I can.
    It’s colourful.
    (NuclearMoose described it as “an explosion in a crayon factory!”).
    Hopefully it will persuade a few people that you don’t need to resort to tables and html to get effects, you can do it all – and more – just using CSS.
    I hope it’s useful 🙂
    (Because my aim was not to alter any other code, those posts may occasionally drop off the front page. I’ll try to remember to republish them with new dates)

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  • Thanks Podz – very handy and a great tool for beginners like myself 🙂
    Great work!

    “An explosion in a crayon factory” is right on… Very, ugh, colorful. I love it! 🙂
    But while the colors are great (in their own special way of course), you don’t take advantage of any positioning or other such css attributes. I think that’s what will really persuade some table-advocates.
    And right now I think WP has a bigger problem with the frame/iframe script-kiddies than ancient table fogies (IMO of course). 🙂

    A more advanced use of CSS is ‘in the works’ but I wanted this one to have nothing altered except the CSS.
    To use more techniques could have ended up with me wanting or needing to alter other files, even if it is just ‘index.php’ and I really wanted to avoid that.

    oh my god! i had to put sun glasses on

    Nice work podz. Kills off that CSS is boring myth.



    Go to to see what can be done with JUST a CSS stylesheet. See how varied the designs are. All the designers worked with the SAME MARKUP, yet their designs are all breathtaking and unique. Someday, I, too, will be able to write such a stylesheet. Meanwhile, I can just sit in awe of those that can.
    Podz, curious. Where did you get your tiled background or did you make it? I’d love that background and have the stylesheet pick up some of the muted colors from it.

    I agree about Zengarden – fantastic place – but it’s not a wordpress install.
    And all the images on the index are from Squidfingers.

    podz scanned in a bit of his lounge carpet and made it up into a bg 🙂



    Root, that is too funny.

    What Stevarino said about the positioning. There are already many inventive examples on Alex King’s site, proving you don’t have to change index.php to move the sidebar, for example. You can even hack a 3-col look. These things are much more likely to impress table users than a bunch of ugly backgrounds.

    Anon you clearly have no idea what podz site is actually for, or the work which went into it. Or who the people are who stand to benefit from it. And please do not get me started on CSS positioning here.

    @anon – I look forward to your contribution.

    I have no idea …. on this blog I put them back in .. for neatness sake more than anything.

    Yikes! That IS colorful.
    Stevarino – fogies??? Wow… I feel old. lol
    I don’t have much trouble with the colors, but my issue is positioning. I’m terrible at figuring out pixels and the resolution/window size issues that go along with them.
    However, I did find some very handy reference cards at VisiBone. He’s got a set of three cards available, one each of HTML, CSS, and Special Characters. He also has other cards for JavaScript and hex color codes. Very handy stuff, I must say. Plus, the guy who makes them is really nice. They’re definitely worth looking into for those of us with bad memories who have to program out of a book. ^^;; LOL

    duches77: No offense, just manipulating a little peer-pressure 😉
    And my memory is absolutely terrible as well, however one nice thing about being a web-developer is the constant access to google.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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