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  • Wanted to tell people using Rich Manalang’s very useful WP-Amazon plugin that it somehow stripped out the Amazon ID I’d entered & replaced it with Rich’s. I can certainly understand why Rich would use his own ID as a default in case the plugin user didn’t enter any ID. BUt in my case I had my own ID entered properly & it was working properly for months. Then I noticed Rich’s ID had been inserted for entries going back a few wks.

    I wonder if perhaps deactivating & reactivating all plugins during WP upgrades might somehow wipe out such a setting (though I can’t understand why this should happen).

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  • I’m still trying to get WP-Amazon to work, so consider my newbie-ness when evaluating this comment…

    It’s not clear which ID you mean, When I go to Options > Amazon my Associate ID appears OK. The Subscription ID appears to be an ID used by developers to access Amazon’s web services; “Amazon ECS developers must use an ECS Subscription ID in order to access Amazon’s web service.”

    Any chance that you upgraded to the current version, 1.3.2 . and that process defaulted to either ID?

    I don’t know what WP-Amazon does for ID stuff — CG-Amazon does ALL queries using the CG ID, and then randomly gives 80% of the links your ID. For one point release like a year ago I had accidentally flipped the logic, and all of a sudden folks were only seeing 20% of links with their ID — quickly remedied that.

    Anyhow, I’m with Charlie on this one — did you upgrade recently, where your ID might have gotten wiped out? That sounds plausible.


    I’m thinking that perhaps this did happen during or after my upgrade to Wp 2.0. But why/how would such an upgrade wipe out the Amazon ID I’d entered into the plugin’s settings? I wish there was a way to avoid such an issue since upgrading is a pretty frequent occurrence regarding WP.

    I don’t know where ID’s are stored. I store them in PHP, they are dynamically generated into EVERY link. Doesn’t WP-Amazon insert static HTML directly into your post for you (rather than dynamically generating stuff on the fly)?

    If it was stored in a data file that got wiped, or it wiped stuff because of the version change, or it was stored in some table that WP wiped, or it was stored in a file in an old theme that your new theme doesn’t include… etc.

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    WP-Amazon stores the Associate ID in the WordPress options table in the database (ever since version 1.3). If that gets wiped out, the code is designed to default to manalangcom-20. You can change this by editing the wp-amazon.php file. Near line 48, there’s this line of code:

    $AssociateTag = 'manalangcom-20';

    That’s the default setting. Change that to your own and you don’t have to worry about it any more.

    Otto42: thanks for that tip. That’s a good one. I wish Rick had mentioned that when I wrote to him about this some time ago.

    DavidChait: Yes, the plugin does insert the code directly into the post (along w. the ID).

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