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  1. superfish
    Posted 9 years ago #

    hello. is there an easy way within wp-amazon to display a widget block with a random image and title somewhere in the widget sidebars?

    perhaps by using a phpexec widget with a call?

    (p.s., yes, i know about the cg-amazon plugin)

  2. davidchait
    Posted 9 years ago #

    (is there a reason you DON'T want to use cg-amazon? just wondering... ;) )

  3. superfish
    Posted 9 years ago #

    david chait

    i think you have a very good suite of services. and, you know, maybe i will eventually use cg-amazon.

    i recognize you have put a lot of work into your suite. and i recognize your just and right desire to be compensated for that work by payment.

    at the same time, i have put in a lot of work on my endeavors, and i hope to use an amazon plug-in to help compensate me for that work. so i am exploring GPL possibilities first before moving forward with paid for software.

    so, with due respect, it's an issue of - if i can find a good hammer on a street corner that does exactly what i need a hammer to do, why should i buy a hammer from a hardware store?

    though if i can't find that hammer on the street, maybe i will wind up at the hardware store anyway . . .

    best wishes and thank you for your response.

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