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  • Hello:

    I downloaded a version of WP-Amazon to use with my WP 2.0 Blog at:

    It does not work the way it is supposed to…

    The version I downloaded is: WP-Amazon 1.3.2

    I installed it into the Plug Folder and it showed up in WordPress. However, after searching Amazon (I had my ID in the Plugin) and obtaining the HTML Code that I needed, the plugin *would not* insert the code into the WordPress post writing screen.

    My friend is using a much earlier version of WordPress (1.3 something) and it worked for her.

    Please advise. Do I need to get a different version of the Plugin to work with WordPress 2.0?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Not sure what happened, but that version worked fine for me with 2.0. I didn’t see anything on your blog where you attempted to use it, so not sure what could be the problem.

    Not sure what happened, but that version worked fine for me with 2.0. I didn’t see anything on your blog where you attempted to use it, so not sure what could be the problem.

    Thanks miklb for your response.

    You would not see the problem on the Blog. It when trying to create the entry that the problem exists. IF I were to copy and paste the code into the Blog using the HTML tab then it would look like it should I would suppose.

    You are supposted to be able to INSERT the WP-Amazon code *into the post* by clicking the insert HTML button. I think that is what the button is called. It does not work for me.

    I can generate the HTML code, but it will not insert into the WP posting/writing screen.



    Did you try turning off the rich text editor? I know that interferes with several other plugins that have their own buttons. (iimage browser comes to mind as one)


    I did not try to turn Rich Editor off in this Blog. I was not able to turn it off in

    I will let you know.



    I have this same problem: the “Insert html into post” button simply does not function.

    I am using WP-Amazon 1.3.2, WordPress 2.0.2, Apache/1.3.34 (Unix), PHP 5.0.4, and mysql 4.1.18.

    I turned off the option “users should use the visual rich editor by default” and still no luck. Has anyone figured this out yet, or did I not turn off the right thing? Thanks!

    I have just spent a frustrating day inserting Amazon code into my blog For My Tummy. I am using WP-Amazon 1.3.2. Those who are reading it before I find the fix will find entries of the kind

    Fiber-free Mocha Shake
    Left-over soy โ€œcoffeeโ€ or RocaMojo Rocamojo Gourmet coffee blended with Roasted Soy, 16-Ounce Can (Pack of 3)โ€œ>half-soy, half-coffee blend (about 1/4 cup is good)

    The repeated RocaMojo marks the start of the Amazon code (associates ID enabled). It ends with left-quote and angle, beforfe “half-soy, half-coffee blend.”

    Like others, I could not use the <<insert HTML>> part of the code-grabbing page supplied by the plugin. I found what I wanted, asked for an html link, used ctrl-a to select the link, ctrl-c to copy it, and then pasted it into the WP-editing symbol that called up a tiny page to enter the desired html and title for a link.

    Has anyone found a solution or workaround? Thanks in advance.

    Just use CG-Amazon. Take a bit more to set up, but then inserting product links can be as simple as:

    No cute GUI insertion configuration, but then again the data is all live versus permanent, unchanging HTML (so things like Price can update live, the image might change, etc., you might decide you want certain fields to show in ALL links you’ve embedded, etc.).

    Just IMHO. Of course, as the developer… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks, David Chait
    I think your price (20% of <expected to be low> Amazon commissions) is too high.

    For anyone struggling with editing using the WP-Amazon plugin, rather than the dynamic CG-Amazon plugin, I developed the following fix.

    Go into the WP html editor (on the editing icon line);

    If you’ve been trying to fix your page to show Amazon links, you will have accumulated a number of very similar entries for each Amazon link.
    Use the one that shows on the top, cut the links that are similar.
    Make sure that the “tag” part of the Amazon link shows your Amazon ID. It does not remain constantly there over changes in plugin version. It either says “manalang-20” or your Amazon Associate ID, ending in 20.
    For some reason, the WP editor is going to insert additional code, usually and some Cut out this slop from your html.

    Do the HTML edit in segments, saving the update as you go, generally after each link, in my fairly messed up file.

    The links themselves are incorrect. They begin by reading <a href title=”whatever you put in the `Title’ part of the small link screen” href=” . . . etc. You should cut the title section between the first quotation marks.

    Then you either want all the product ID information, such as “Almond Breeze, Unsweetened, Original, 32 oz.” or you want something that fits with your text. I wanted the latter. Thus part of the problem was that this kept showing up as the supplied text instead of being in the form my text.

    When you make a change in the name of the item, or even if you don’t (!), the link will have extra quotation marks. Go back and forth with the WYSIWYG view, to make sure your link looks right, and to locate where to make a change. If all this is unfamiliar, make “ONE change at a time.” (I hate that phrase in TV ads, but it does fit here.)

    Also, two further tips.

    • What had been extremely misleading to me was that the html code as shown in the Amazon search and select results looked well-formed. Actually, “title” showed up just before the first > in the provided link. What it produces is the exact Amazon-provided item description, sometimes too long for a text link.
    • That means that the best way to use WP-Amazon, I think, is to use it as you write, not as you edit.
    • I would suggest checking the output and the html anyway. ๐Ÿ˜

    If you think 20% is too high:

    1. you haven’t fallen in love with completely dynamic content, gotten past ’embedding single links’. try CGA for sidebars, wishlists, keyword lookups, post and page embedded product lists, now-reading style tagging, and the potential to build your own shop. And most of the embedding or PHP stuff is a single-line for big result.

    2. you use a ton of OSS and never donate. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


    3. you’re making a TON of money such that 20% seems huge, in which case you really should contact me on the side about just buying a commercial license outright. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve invested hundreds of hours (that’s five figures if I was developing code FOR someone) in CG-Amazon and my other plugins, and don’t think it’s asking too much for people to either donate (i.e., ‘get a license’) or allow the 20% random links. This is for non-commercial uses we’re talking about — if you’re trying to really make money, you should ‘buy’ a license from me.

    As it is, I not only haven’t (in 2.5 years) charged for use of my plugins, but I give a ton of support for them and wordpress, and even help people with custom installation, debugging, etc.

    I’d LOVE if people would just support my continued WP development with donations or purchase of commercial licenses, and if enough people would do so, I’d probably move to a free use license for individual (i.e., not-profit-motivated) sites. That’s likely the direction I’m headed with CG-Amazon 2.0 anyway.

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