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  • For an about-page that I want to create, I would like to divide a single post into several posts. For instance, there will be a few lines about my goal with this blog, then some lines about the contributing authors, then some legal nonsense. All this info will be put on the about-page that comes with WordPress.

    Now, in Dreamweaver I would normally place an anchor for the different sections and put links on my homepage to those anchors. However, I can’t find these anchors in WP. Can this be done differently?

    Made a screenshot of what I would like to make:

    The links on the right are part of the sidebar and are shown throughout the whole site.

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  • Anyone?

    give the headline an ID ie <h3 id="hobbies">Hobbies</h3> and the link to that part of the page is <a href="">See my hobbies</a>

    Hi xzeed, thanks for your help. I tried what you suggested, however WordPress ignores the “/#…” and just links to the top of the about-page. Quite strange that my copy of WordPress (2.5) doesn’t have the anchor button in the WYSIWYG, while others do according to screenshots around the Internet?

    And to correct my first post: I’m using a standard page with just text on it. So no posts as stated above.

    I’ve been searching for two days now… This can’t be so difficult, right?
    working for me so don’t know y it shouldnt work with ur WP installation. maybe u should post the html here. Then I could help you more.

    I’m not sure how that plugin could help me. Let me explain the problem again.

    I have a let us say, two links in my sidebar. Normally, they both link to different pages. Now, I want that those two link to different headlines on one page. This link has kind of the same layout:

    However, those links at the top of that page, should come in the sidebar. So they are not on the same page! See the image in my first post for a simple scheme.

    I didnt mean the plugin… I meant the “#link” anchor in the url

    You have to set an ID on that page ie <h3 id=”hobbies”>Hobbies</h3>
    the link would be “www.yourwordpress/pagename/#hobbies” with that link u would jump directly to your headline…

    I just gave it another spin with these settings:

    The link in my sidebar.php:
    <li><a href="">De redactie</a></li>

    And the entry on my about-page:
    <h3 id="redactie">redactie</h3>

    However, the links always opens just the page, not the headline… If you’re still willing to help me xzeed, it would be much appreciated.

    maybe put ur example online? Could it be that the viewport is to big so he can’t jump to that anchor? what browser are u using?

    thanks xzeed. this is exactly what i needed and your suggestion worked like a charm!

    I think another method is

    <a name="hobbies"></a> <h2>My Hobbies</h2>

    then you can link to

    I don’t know which is better, the “id” way, or the “a name=” way?

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