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  • Hi There,

    I am a new user to wordpress, and I seem to have an issue that I can’t find addressed here in other topics. I have WordPress installed in a subdirectory on my host (for example: host/blog) I also have a shopping cart installed in a different subdirectory (for example host/cart). The problem I am having is that when WordPress is installed and running, if I try to access the admin panel for the shopping cart (host/cart/admin) it brings me to the wordpress page. I discovered fairly early on that this was due to the .htaccess file and its interaction with the site, however, when I remove the .htaccess file and disable it’s use within wordpress, the links to the added pages in wordpress (links, archives, etc) no longer link to a specific page, and I can find nothing in the wordpress console that allows me to change them. Is there a way to either: a) configure the .htaccess file to stop it from redirecting other subdirectories, or b) not use .htaccess, forget the url_rewrites and simply change the links within wordpress to the pages that have been added?

    Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

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  • a) is the WP’s htaccess at the root or in the WP directory?

    b) before deleting WP’s htaccess (from the WP folder) re-set the permalinks to “deafult: admin > Options > Permalinks.

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