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  • Update:
    I had a closer look at the WordPress database and I noticed something.
    Whenever I manually create an event, there are two new entries in wp_posts and a few entries in wp_postmeta, which obviously contain event metadata like time, date and so on.
    However, when I auto-create an event with WP All Import, I only get ONE new entry in wp_posts and none in wp_postmeta.
    As soon as I open the auto-created event in the editor and update it (still without changing anything), the second entry in wp_posts and the data in wp_postmeta are finally added and the event’s displayed in the frontend of my website.

    How come this doesn’t happen automatically during the import? And how can I resolve this?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    @wptesty did you ever figure out a workaround for this. I’m hitting this same issue, and initially I thought it was due to the date format when using the WP All Export plugin but reading you statements I’m wondering if what you are actually seeing for the 2 wp_posts entries is an Event and a Venue or Organizer, which are also a post type and not just meta data to the event.

    @tnolte I’m sorry I haven’t replied earlier, I haven’t recognized your post before.
    I could solve my issue and it really had to do with the date format.

    I wrote the support of WP All Import, and that’s what they replied:

    In order for events to be visible on the front-end of the site, the following fields must have data filled in:


    And they need to have the dates & times provided in the format shown here: – as this is what The Events Calendar expects.

    I hadn’t filled in all of the required fields and my date format wasn’t correct. After changing that, it finally worked.

    Maybe this can help you?

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    • This reply was modified 4 months, 1 week ago by wptesty.

    @wptesty thanks I did eventually determine this same thing and wrote some custom export code to handle this which did end up importing the event data as needed.

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