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  • Hi – Seems like a nice plugin, but when I tested it, it would never send the message. It just says, “Sending” but never actually sends the message. I was trying this with the XML-RPC function.

    Also, if I don’t use the XML-RPC function, is the message sent to the admin email address? I didn’t see an option for where the message is sent to.


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  • Plugin Author Daniel Dvorkin


    Hey trivum, sorry for the delay. I just saw this.

    I’d like to know a little more about your environment as to see why it’s not working for you. If you’d like to help me debug it, drop me an email to

    About the other question: sending emails will come in the next release. It’s almost ready, I just need to finish testing. I’ll release it in a few weeks, though, after my vacations.

    Hi – I’m not sure what you mean when you say that sending emails will come in the next release. Do you mean you will include an option for different places to send an email? … As I couldn’t get the messages sent in my test, I’m not sure where they are sent to now. I assumed it was to an email address (and I assumed it was to the email address).

    As for the environment, it was just a regular install (latest version) with default WordPress theme.

    Plugin Author Daniel Dvorkin


    Hi trivum,

    As of now, the posted feedbacks aren’t sent to any email. Only get published in the local site, and vía XML-RPC if you configured that option. For the next release I’ll add an option, besides the XML-RPC one, for getting those feedbacks in your email.

    Did you enable XML-RPC in the remote site?

    Any chance you can send me an url where I can see this happening so I can check if there is any specific issue? Also… what browser do you use?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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