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  • The plugin works fine. However the text that says a user can edit their comment within a specific timeframe is not shown after the user post their comments. A black bar is there… but nothing else

    It will show when the user refreshes the page. Would like to know how to solve this issue.

    The theme which i am currently using has it’s own comment-ajax system.

    Do test out the comment system at Dustyhawk :: Broken Mirror, if my explanation was hard to understand.

    While you guys test out the comment system, do write out a sentence or something, if not the askimet / spam karma will think it’s a spam.

    Issue occurs for non-registered user.

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  • I’m looking…on a side note, the nuffnang ad is hanging the load and breaking the theme – its hanging now in IE – but it shows the content stripped of theme – aka, 1995 blue links, white background, purple visited links version.

    IE officially crashed.

    that’s strange. it doesn’t hang on my IE.. though im using IE7 here.

    My friend did state, he had problems with IE 5.


    just tested it with IE5 and it hangs. Will check with the Nuffnang people if there is any issue with it.

    but it shows the content stripped of theme – aka, 1995 blue links, white background, purple visited links version.

    is it possible for you to give me a screenshot ?

    Hmm- tried it again (IE 6.0.2) and it still is displaying without the theme. Maybe just an IE6 bug. See here

    well this is the view of what the site is on both ie6.0.2 and ff2.0.0.7

    i’m amazed by what you got.

    I’m the plugin author of Ajax Edit Comments. Here is the solution I’ve found to enable the Ajax Commenting to be compatible with Ajax Edit Comments.

    The theme in question is Unnamed.

    In the JS folder you will find a file called ‘comments.js.php’

    Around line 45 you will see this code:

    Directly after this line, add in:

    if (window.AjaxEditComments) {

    I apologize there isn’t a better solution, but I’ve done what I could on my end to provide an initialization function for others to hook into.

    if (window.AjaxEditComments) {

    even with the above added to the comment.js.php , i am still having the same issue of the black thin bar being there with no text of saying to the users that they can edit their comments unless they refresh the page. – edited comment.js.php – unedited comment.js.php

    anyway, i like to thank everyone who helped out. The issue was not solved. but thanks anyway.

    Are they compatible now???

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