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    I think it’s 50% to where I will have no more bugs to fix or feature to implement that I’ve thought of at this time. The ISP code is really slow on some host. To display it change wp-advanced-stats.php in plugin. Delete lines 22 – 34 and add above the return $host = $ip;

    1. Copy all files from the plugin folder to your plugin
    2. Copy wp-advanced-stats-install.php and
    wp-advanced-stats.php to your root folder.
    3. Run wp-advanced-stats-install.php
    4. Delete wp-advanced-stats-install.php
    5. Activate Plugin.
    6. Place < ?php record();?> somewhere (on top is best)
    on your page.
    7. Add any other function you would like.
    8. (Optional) Comment on the plugin here (Please).

    Plugin Functions
    record() – Records users
    userOnline() – Print number of online users
    hits() – Prints number of hits
    vistors() – Prints number of unique vistors

    1. Make Use of all the data I’m storing
    2. Predicted Hits
    3. Track Down the bug that causes everything to be unknown
    4. Clean Up Code
    5. Make the database store null when applicable.
    6. Make it sort stuff asc, desc
    7. Fix Useronline location bug.

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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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