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  • hi. After the last update of my plug-ins, suddenly I am unable to access this page.


    I get this error message:
    You are not allowed to call this page directly.

    I am logged in , and I can access all of my blog and admin panel….. but not that page.

    any help ?

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  • Having this same issue myself… haven’t found a solution anywhere.

    NextGEN ImageFlow – That is the plugin that kills the update-core page for me.

    So to update, I disabled that plugin, updated, and re-enabled it.

    Bravo !

    Thank you very much.

    It is indeed….

    simply deactivating that plugin was enough for me to be able to access wp-admin/update-core.php

    But …… wait. let me ask you ….. how did you find out that ?

    Which error log did you check to find out which plug-in was to blame ?

    or did you do that by trial and error ? deactivating a plug-in and seeing if now you can access wp-admin/update-core.php ??

    did you inform the authors of next-gen image flow ?

    Thank you I had that issue with updating
    WordPress 3.0-RC3-15260.
    WordPress 3.0

    after disabling NextGEN ImageFlow

    it works 🙂

    Awesome, thanks! This solved my problem! Someone should certainly inform the author of that plugin. I’ll head that way now!

    thanks olorinpc. works

    I disabled all plugin, but it’s still same. Any other idea for this?




    kuddos’ to “olorinpc”. I can Now upgrade my WP installation. Thankx

    NextGEN ImageFlow – yes, that is the problem. Thanks.

    Same here – Disabling NegGen ImageFlow fixed the issue!

    NextGEN ImageFlow – yes, that is the problem. Thanks.

    had the same issue, tried disabling NextGEN, still didn’t do it, AFTER also deactivating Calendar Press, worked fine!

    oh, but now the calendar data is gone. Oh well.

    it’s quite simple to get rid of that bug.

    I just did a search on the text ‘you are not allowed etc.’ in Dreamweaver and found a bunch of files in the imageflow plugin that uses that text.

    But the one that is important is the one in plugins/nextgen-imageflow/lib/core.php

    Just uncomment the first line of that file by adding // after the <?php.

    So the line will look like this:
    <?php //if(preg_match(‘#’ . basename(__FILE__) . ‘#’, $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’])) { die(‘You are not allowed to call this page directly.’); }

    After that you can reach the update-core file again.

    I never used this plugin before and normally I won’t use any plugins that are so buggy (because this is not the only bug I found) but I haven’t found any other plugin that does the same imageflow so I give it a shot anyway.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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