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  • Ok, so I got to the installation page, which is the wp-admin/install.php script. I enter my email and title, and then the script hangs. All of the database tables seem to be created, but it never returns the script and prints my password, so I have no way of logging in. Same symptons as here but his fixes did not work. Any ideas? The trac bug said this was fixed 6 months ago.

    This sure has been a long 5 minute install… 🙂

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  • if the tables are being created then go in and change the site url and it should work

    I have the same problem: the install hangs, the tables appear to be created correctly but I’m not given the password and hence have no access. Changing the Site URL did not work. Any other ideas?

    rleighton. I have a workaround for this problem.
    The php file that causes a random password to be generated for the admin account during the installation process is located at: <Blogfolder>/wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php. The specific line that causes this behavior is 61. You can comment out that line and cause the password to be something that you specify instead of a randomly generated password. When it creates the table, it will create it with the password that you chose, and this will let you login the first time. After that I haven’t had any problems. Change 61 to these two lines:
    // $random_password = wp_generate_password();
    $random_password = "my_special_password";

    It will still hang, but it will have created the admin account with the password that you specify. Wait 5-10 seconds after running the script, then refresh the page and login with that password.

    samboll – your suggestion doesn’t make much sense; maybe you don’t understand what the problem is. The problem is that the installation script hangs and never reports what is the random password that it generated. Since the password is encrypted in the database, there is no way to login to the admin account that first time, and therefore, though the installation is successful despite the hang, it is useless.

    sorry – usually a hang gives a false url of

    I thought that was what you meant
    glad you got it

    masonk, thank you very, very much. That worked perfectly.


    Part of the problem with the hang may be that the wp-config.php file is missing a line of code at the end (?>).
    However, fixing just that does not prevent the hang.



    I’m getting a ‘hang’ as well….

    I’ve run a new install of WordPress 2.8.2 as “testblog” at http://mySite/testblog/ using a wiped database named ‘test’. The database installs, the tables fill, and I progress as far as entering name, password and clicking Login. At this point, the WordPress Install Part Two falls out of bed by sending the browser location to http://mySite/?step=2/wp-login.php/. The Site URL parsed out ‘testblog’.

    My detailed thread is here-

    UpGr to WP 2.8.1.: PHP is sending my browse loc outside my wordpress folder




    ok so here is my 2 pennies worth on this issue, I had exactly the same issue last night on a Ubuntu webserver sitting in my DMZ.
    it installed on when I had it sitting in the LAN but as soon as it was in the DMZ it kept freezing. The fix to set a password worked on it ok.

    I re-installed my server and all seemed to be running ok. any way to cut a long story short I think my problem was down to sendmail. my server did not have access to the internet, as soon as I opened it up to the internet (so I could install updates) the sendmail worked and the passwords were emailed when I created a blog site.

    could ti be that the sendmail is causing the hang when it generates the random password i wonder?

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