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    I just downloaded wordpress from bluehost and now I am working on installing it on my local server. I modified wp_config.php and created a database. the instructions tell me now to open wp-admin/install.php with my browser. When I do that only the code shows up but the script does not run.
    I already have a successful wordpress installation on my computer, so it is not the server.

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  • esmi


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    That sounds like PHP isn’t running…

    Agreed with esmi. It could also be something in your .htaccess file. Try renaming the .htaccess in the public_html and/or the .htaccess in the root of your install and see if it makes a difference. If that fixes it, you’ll need to go through your .htaccess to locate the problem, or you might be able to provide examples of the .htaccess code here and someone may be able to help you locate it.

    Thanx guys… going into unchartered waters here so let me have a look see… will let you know how it goes…

    PHP is definately running… did a quick ‘Hello World’ which works just fine….

    The .htaccess file simply has the following lines of text:

    Order deny,allow
    allow from
    deny from all

    … which makes sence to me as I am running everything from my local host… but I can’t say I know much about .htaccess files…?

    Any other ideas or suggestions… I simply come up with a blank page if I try to run the install.php file…?

    Aagh…. sorry guys…. wrong but VERY similar topic…

    hi my name is karen i have been trying to get wordpress on my windows xp and i get to the very last thing http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php and what comes up is object not found and a error 404 i am very new to thos so very simple instructions would be soo great i am frustrated this has consumed about 20 hours of my time to download this hhheelllppp please my e mail is

    Alfred hi…. we have both got the exact same problem and I still can’t work it out.

    My PHP is running… I’ve renamed the .htaccess file and tried again… all my previous installation steps have been done correctly. I simply do not know what to do any more… tripped on the finish line..

    Have you been able to sort your problem out yet?

    me too bummer i didnt rename the file because i didnt know how to but it sounds like it didnt help. guess we wait for some one to rescue us huh? let me know if you figure it out good luck

    I wonder if it is not a version conflict…? I’m using:

    EasyPHP ver 5.3.2i
    PHP 5.3.2
    Apache 2.2.15
    MySQL 5.1.45
    PHPmyAdmin 3.3.2
    Wordpress ver 3.0

    Are you guys perhaps using the same versions…?

    no i set up xampp which has all that stuff in it.



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    I’m using EasyPHP 5.3.0 to run 2 separate WP 3.0 installs (amongst other things) here without the slightest problem.

    well esmi are you suggesting that i deleat all that i have and start over with easyphp and then download wordpress and install it wil that be all or is it more involved?? remember i am new to this to tell you the truth i dont even know what a php is or where to find it on my computer but i will do my best with what ever you suggest also i am installing on a windows xp thank you karen

    These are localhost installations right? Could be a conlfict with a windows service (IIS) if this service is installed..

    ok little to tech for me what is (IIS) and if it is the problem how do i fix it. :}

    To be more specific, IIS and Apache might be conflicting, i find i have to stop IIS in windows 7 to get apache to start properly. I dont think xp came with IIS though..

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