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  • Yesterday, everything was working fine. I was using version 2.1.3 (yes, I know how old it was), and I could log in to my site admin and view my dashboard no problem.

    Today I came across something I wanted to talk about on my blog, so I attempted to go to my dashboard to write a new post, and my dashboard page wouldn’t load. Well, it loaded for a split second, then disappeared. Refreshing the page (even shift+refresh) didn’t help, but if I re-entered the address in the address bar of my browser and hit “enter”, then it would load… for a second before disappearing.

    Using F6 to select my address bar and hitting enter, I was able to quickly load the page with my mouses’s cursor in position to click fast enough to catch the “write a new post” link in my dashboard before the page disappeared. But then my post editing buttons were missing! I couldn’t even access the tab to go to “code” view to write my own html to achieve the look I wanted… I couldn’t include links!

    So I assumed I was being forced to upgrade to a newer version of WP.

    Dutifully, I backed up my database, downloaded the newest version of WP (2.9.1), removed the old version, installed the new version, and tested my site. Everything was working just fine… except… I still can’t see my main dashboard page (for more than a second).

    All pages within my admin area work except wp-admin/index.php, and I don’t know anything about php to see what the problem is.

    Someone? Anyway?

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  • Update: I turned off Javascript on my browser and the page loads and stays. So I’ve narrowed it down somewhat…?

    I have this same issue.

    It only appeared to day when I upgraded to 2.9.1 and the t 2.9.2… both have the issue.

    I can see some other domains loading as FF renders only white.

    What is going on ? Ive disabled and changed just about everything to no effect.

    Anyone ??

    Working on a client site with the same issue – but he’s been hacked. Can either of you post your URL’s? There’s been some code inserted just before the closing body tag and I’m curious to know if the hack is causing the admin glitch.

    Mine is:

    I did have a virus, yesterday (my friend had the same one and suspects we got it when upgrading one of our plug-ins), but I did a second fresh install and deleted all of it. I went through file by file to verify (it was a LONG day yesterday) that it’s cleaned up.

    I told my noscript add-on on my browser that my own site is not safe, so I can view the index.php page. It’s some script running on the admin side that’s causing the problem.

    There is some crazy code at the bottom of your index page. I’m having the same issue and dashboard problems. If you read thru some of the other posts going on today, it seems like something hit wp and no one has quite identified how to fix it yet.

    Thanks, caryngf. Seeing as how I’m not a coder, I guess I’ll wait for others to figure it out and then follow directions.

    Ahh! I think I found the extra bit of code that was not permitting a full cleaning! I seem to have my site sanitized now. I can load my wp-admin/index.php without blocking scripts, and the page source no longer shows the script at the bottom.

    What I failed to check was an old folder I’d created about a year ago wherein a friend was going to help me to learn .php, and it had a php file in it. It was also injected with the malicious code. I deleted that folder and did another clean install of the Wordpess files, and now it seems to be fixed.

    Hi I was wondering if anyone is having the problem I have. My whole admin area (Dashboard, Post edits, Comment Moderation, Everything) loads but looks completely messy and out of date, like if it were in some kind of “Safe Mode”. It’s been like this for 4 days already, I tried upgrading to 2.9.2 but still the same regardless of the browser or the plugins.

    You can check it out here:

    Please let me know if you have any idea of what it might be or tell me where should I ask. (Maybe as a separate forum topic)

    Thank you very very much.


    Hi Alvaro.

    Your site has been hacked. The extra malicious code that has been added is screwing up the formating of your dashboard too. 🙁 Have a read of these links to get you started on cleaning it up:

    Don’t forget to scan your computer for any malware.

    I suspected something of the sort Alism

    I will start checking the info you tell me and cleaning my site right away.

    Thank very very much for the info indeed Alism, it is extremely appreciated.

    i dont know if this is the same problem but my dashboard isn’t operating like it should. When I click “Screen Options” or “Help,” nothing comes up, the drop down menu next to “New Post” doesn’t work, and I cannot upload any images, etc when I am creating a new post.

    Any help? I have cleared my cache and also de-activated my plugins but still no luck.

    Thanks in advance.

    @smarmoofus Can you describe how you sanitized your files? I am still unable to properly load the index page after re-installing it from a clean WP download. Have tried almost everything described here and still haven’t found a fix.

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