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  • Everything has been fine since the upgrade, and I haven’t changed anything that I would have thought could cause this problem, but about an hour ago my wp-admin/index.php (Dashboard) started displaying a blank page.

    The apache2 error message in the log was this:

    [Fri Dec 19 01:11:34 2008] [notice] child pid 25705 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

    All other pages in the wp-admin work, so I can create new posts etc, but this is a bit puzzling!

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  • I’m having this problem as well, though it’s with wp 2.5.1, some users can’t get into the site. I think its just the dashboard thats broken like you say, but they don’t know the difference once they’re stuck. I’m also having the same segmentation fault errors in my Apache logs.

    DrPoodle, let me know if you find a solution. This seems like it might have a solution:

    I’m on CentOS5 (Red Hat) with apache 2 and php 5.1

    This is becoming a routine issue with a few of my domains as well. Anybody got the goods on the fix (aka resolution)?


    Just a quick update… This situation resolved itself after 3 hours of me trying to fix it. I will say this, the above article at SugarCRM was of no help, I was in the process of triple-checking my settings in wp-config. I also was looking into my DNS settings.

    All I know is that there has to be something to this, as this was my third domain on this box to do this over the past week and a half.

    Does anyone else have the following declaration in their WP-CONFIG.PHP file? I am not sure if this is related to the SegFault, but I am definitely getting strange behavior when I set it to either TRUE or FALSE. Right now I have it commented out.

    define('SAVEQUERIES', true);

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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