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  • HI there I run a hosting company and have many wordpress sites on my server. I have one that went live a few days ago, which is just eating bandwidth. All the hits are going to wp-admin/admin-ajax.php. I have seen a few posts from other people about this, but no answers. Please can someone tell me how to deal with this, as it’s using far too many resources on the server. Word press install is the latest. Is there some kind of mod, htaccess that can be done?


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  • Could someone be so kind as to address this problem, please?

    Much appreciated

    This is actually NOT eating bandwith; admin-ajax.php is what enables all ajax-features (usability without navigating away from a page) in WordPress, and it greatly reduces server-loads because of this:

    An ajax call to altar something usually only call a single or a few functions within WordPress, rather than calling the same functions ASWELL as loading the entire page associated with this altaration (as would happen without ajax).

    Most hits do go to admin-ajax.php, because it is called everytime ajax is utilized within WordPress. If anything, tell your statistics-system to ignore this file, or at least count this traffic as internal rather than actual hits (unless admin-ajax is used as a frontend, in which case you might actually have a problem of over-use of ajax-functionality).

    Thank you Gingah

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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