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  • Dan Poynor


    This might sound odd…

    I think working in the wp-admin area of my WordPress sites in Firefox activates my computer fan. Sometimes Firefox will seize after I click to upgrade a plugin or after I click on a tab and other admin actions. The spinning browser activity indicator will freeze in motion, the computer starts to sound like a helicopter, and I have to sit (for two minutes typically) until Firefox become unstuck.

    My workflow includes opening a couple tabs for different sites I maintain for clients and reviewing latest stats, posts, and comments each morning. I’ll click something in one tab then switch to another tab while the previous one is thinking or loading a page. Sometimes I’ll have four or five tabs going – each loading different wp-admin areas of different sites.

    The performance degradation also happens when viewing just one site as well. After logging out or closing the wp-admin tab for a site the computer fan will become less and less noisy like it’s calming down.

    Is the wp-admin area a cpu resource hog? Can the slow performance be caused by the amount of Javascript in the wp-admin area?

    I’ve recently upgraded my hosting service to a private server so I have dedicated mysql and cpu resources so that shouldn’t be an issue. My internet connection is over high speed Comcast cable and I’ve had the cable guy come do speed tests to verify my service is okay and the cable wires aren’t noisy. I’ve also installed Google Gears and using Turbo. But my G4 PowerBook still sounds like a helicopter at times when working in wp-admin.

    Anyone else have similar experiences?


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  • whooami



    This might sound odd…

    There is no correlation between where your blog is hosted and the performance of your local pc.. other than in respect to bandwidth.

    You can have 8G of memory on a remote host, and an underprivileged, overpriced Mac or PC is still going to have issues, if its NOT up to par.

    That isnt to say or suggest that you need a special computer to administer wordpress, just that well, I cant stop laughing at this post. sorry.

    Opening more tabs isnt going to help if you are seeing performance issues in FF. Thats just going to further cause problems.

    For what its worth, laptops heat up quickly, my fan goes on and off constantly. Annoying> I guess. Do I care? Not really, it’s doing what it needs to do, and I would worry more if the fan stopped functioning.

    And I dont have a Mac.

    My hosting service seems fine.

    I’m wondering if the wp-admin area is a local cpu resource hog though. Can the slow performance in Firefox be caused by the amount of Javascript loaded into RAM by the wp-admin area? Maybe there’s another reason this consistently happens?

    Anyone else have similar experiences?

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