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  • Is there a way to have Category names in the main menu of the Admin panel under ‘posts’? I’m using wordpress for various customized sites (portfolios sites and so forth) and having a plugin or other way to Write/Post directly into a Category would be so awesome.

    So instead of checking a box for categories, you’d simply click on a category name in the admin menu and it would show all the posts in that category and a button to create a new post in that category. Right now in WP 2.7 it just has a dropdown menu to filter posts by category. This is not enough in my opinion…

    And it also makes sense because it starts to distinguish categories from tags. Tags can always be added/checked at the end of the post and they should be used in large numbers like on delcious or flickr. Categories should be used in smaller numbers and used more for large sections on a website for organizing larger number of posts…similar to having folders on a desktop.

    Anyone have any thoughts or links to plugins???

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  • In Administration > Posts > Categories you can click on the number in the posts column to see posts in a category.

    Yea, I just think all that is really complex. You could just think of categories as folders and posts go inside of them to get organized. But the setup now is that categories act like tags. And the difference between them is also confusing…

    Your correct. Being able to have a panel for category “x” and “y” would be a great feature. I’m looking for a plugin right now that can do it actually. 🙂

    Just imagine you got categories that aren’t “news” and “articles” … Categories like “video”. Then a custom admin panel for it, in order to only post to the category “video”, would simplify things tremendously for more novice WP-users (like a staff at a news site for example…….)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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