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    I have searched online but havent had any luck with a solution. I run Wrodpress MU 2.9.2 and on particular blog site loads very slow when trying to access wp-admin. While trying to load 30 seconds or more, it also puts a huge load on the cpu of a MySQL Instances. It is even spiking to 100 percent CPU if there are more then one user trying to log in. The MySQL instance is running in Amazon Web Services. All other sites appear to be fine when logging into the backend. So it just appears to be one in particular. I disabled all plugins and still not luck. I exported the db and made a new blog and imported it into it and still that test blog ran slow.

    I believe it has to do with the database but not sure what else I can try. I ran check, repair and optimize on the with no resolution to the issue. Is there something else I can try on the database?

    Any Ideas on this?

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    Resolved: I check the processes that were running on my RDS MySQL database while i was attempting to login the wp-admin backend and notcied the Select * from wp_ID_comment was taking along time to process. I checked and noticed 13,000 spam posts that were flagged as spam bhy akismet. So I ran a MySQL query to remove them. This cleared all the spam posts and solved my issue.

    MySQL Query

    DELETE from wp_ID#_comments WHERE comment_approved = ‘spam”;

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