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  • I’ve got an error with the Screen Layout on my wordpress admin page… I have always used a 2 column screen layout, but now, for some reason it does NOT work.. I only have 1 column and it’s really annoying, because all my work is so much harder now… I don’t know what the problem is, I’ve tried reinstalling the latest WordPress version, and I have tried to change the theme, but neither works.. So it must be something with WordPress??

    The below links is screenshots of the dashboard and the edit post page, so you can see what it looks like….




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  • Using something like PhpMyAdmin, look in the wp_usermeta table for `user_id=<your-user> AND meta_key=”screen_layout_%”.

    Okay, I have done this, wasn’t really much there.. What would I do with this, or what else can I do if I don’t find anything like this?

    You should see several keys like screen_layout_post with a value of 1 for single column and 2 for two column. You could try creating those entries in the database. I assume that you can’t reset things from the ‘Screen’ menu.

    Nope, it says 2. Sometimes it works in a different browser, but now it’s FUBAR. This is both in the dashboard, the edit post/page and add new post screen… It’s really annoying being stuck on 1 column, and I can’t find out what to do. I’ve tried deleting my cache and everything, tried with 4 different browsers, but no luck.. 🙁

    What the F*** is wrong?

    There used to be a bug that caused the admin panel to lock in one column mode, but that has been fixed.

    Did you add the keys like I suggested? Back when the bug I mentioned was active, I was able to fix the problem that way.

    You are going to have several keys– screen_layout_dashboard, screen_layout_post, screen_layout_<custom-post-type-name>, and possibly others.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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