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  1. cmiale@cox.net
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Anybody have any thoughts??

    I was setting up Payments in Paid Memberships Pro. I added what I thought was the SSL Seal code. I was booted out to the wp-admin login screen with a re-direct URL:

    I went to cPanel and deleted the pmpro from plugins. (As always advised on the support forums)

    Didn’t work still re-directing to but still showing the site.

    So then I tried deleting the Chameleon theme. Which often solves login issues and has worked for me in the past. In the past everything was fine when I re installed after logging in.

    However in this instance, now when I try to go to: I’m redirected to: which now displays the white screen of death….again my fix for that in the past has been to un install the theme from cPanel, which reverts the them to the default Twenty Eleven. Then everything (but the deleted plugin) is in place when you re-install. Clearly not the fix here, since I already deleted the theme.

  2. cmiale@cox.net
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I also disabled all plugins in cPanel by renaming the plugin file in wp-content.

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