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  • I know there is a lot of stuff in the forums about permissions. I’m having a problem that the wp-admin folder has to be 777 or I get locked out of the blog with a ‘you do not have permission to…’. This sounds quite extreme to me! If I want to edit the styles also the ‘styles’ folder also has to be 777. I’ve tried other settings. My Database server is not localhost. Can anyone think why this may be? I am VERY nervous about leaving this as 777.

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  • whooami



    Easy question first:

    If you want to use the backend are to edit your template files, yes you have to have, basically, wide open permissions. That said, you CAN always download those files to your desktop, edit them locally, and upload the changed file — and you can also, edit them, and then ftp in and change the permissions back to something more secure.

    Tough question:

    For starters, that your db is not localhost has nothing to do with anything. Secondly, your site, IF its the one in your profile is hosted on I KNOW that does NOT require your wp-admin to be 777 in order to function correctly.

    You may be experiencing other issues that you have simply solved by doing that.

    I suggest resetting the permissions back to something more sane — 755, and figuring out the real problem.

    You are right to be nervous about those permissions, and good for you for asking about their necessity.

    Thanks whooami. I’ll try a step by step approach – although I’m now trying to sort out why my css looks fine in every browser except IE6 which seems to eat my text.
    yeah I’m with pair, very happy with them and I’m sure it is MY problem not theirs! Thanks again

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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