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  • The admin UI is dog slow. wp-admin page takes as much as a full minute to load. Publishing articles seems to never return (although they do succeed). Is this typical? Because it is not acceptable.

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  • It took 0.16 seconds for mine to load.
    It might be your internet connection.

    Or as regards the publishing lag, maybe you’re pinging too many services? Usually all you need is pingomatic (assuming it’s in working order – not always a given) or pingoat – one service generally handles most all the pinging you need to do….

    If you are using wordpress 2.0.4, go to this file /wp-admin/index.php. Make a copy of this file. Open it with a simple text editor.
    Erase code from line 17 to line 32 (code fetching rss feeds from technorati), after this:
    <h2><?php _e('Latest Activity'); ?></h2>

    and before that:
    $comments = $wpdb ...

    Erase code from 145 to line 164 (fetching rss feed from planet.wordpress), after this:

    and before that:
    <div style="clear: both"> 

    The dashboard will display much faster now 🙂

    I installed v2.0.4 from new (no upgrade)and had this problem with Dashboard taking 90 secs or so to load. Removing the code fetching the RSS feeds as per PozHonks has reduced the load time to about 30 secs. Is this as good as it is likely to get or should I expect significantly faster load?

    From searching this support board I have now found that there is a third RSS feed (from WordPress)that should be removed.
    It is about line 146 and is
    $rss = @fetch_rss(‘’);

    Change this to:-
    $rss = “”;

    My Dashboard now loads in about 2 secs instead of the original 90secs.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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