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    Has anything changed since it was last working?
    Settings Changed? theme edited? plugin edited? new plugin(s) installed? Update from previous version?

    Have you tried a different browser, empty browser cache, was gears enabled – if so disable it in your browser.

    Can you login via wp-login.php? We find that sometimes one of our wp-admin.php pages simply stops working, but we can always use the wp-login.php route instead. We think there’s a fix though and have posted a tutorial here:

    Hopefully this might solve your problem?

    Just install wordpress on my system for the first time, But I can’t seem to login at all, I’m useing the wp-login.php, keep noticeing people mentioning the wp-admin.php, but an checking the file extension in the wp-admin folder I notice that the extension is .CSS and not .php I have tried adding this code /** wp-admin login fix */
    @define(‘ADMIN_COOKIE_PATH’, ‘/’);
    that Seth ridley recommended but still no joy. but still keeping getting this messsage, ERROR: Incorrect password. Lost your password?, I tried taking the password directly from the data base, user_pass & pasting it into the password txt boxs, but with no joy, Help some one.

    i’m new to wp. I activated a theme called ‘magaling’ and now i see only blank page! I closed the browser and restart it again, hoping to login again via wp-login, same thing, blank page.

    i need help!thanks..

    I’m having similar issues. The admin password just stops working and the wp-login.php returns with the login fields empty without giving me an error message. I have had to request a lost password several times over the past week. This is very annoying and makes me feel like wordpress is not secure.

    @expeditionyacht did your host make any changes on the server? I mean did they enable mod_security, PHP suhosin, suPHP etc.?

    I am having the same problem with my site, when trying to login with wp-login.php (it lets me enter my name and password) then i get an error saying page cannot be found. when i try going to wp-admin.php i get an error saying the page cannot be found, when i enter just the website, it is just a blank page.

    I am facing the 404 error page problem last 2-3 days. nothing has changed in my site. but when i try to log in through admin it says

    Welcome to 404 error page!

    Welcome to this customized error page. You’ve reached this page because you’ve clicked on a link that does not exist. This is probably our fault… but instead of showing you the basic ‘404 Error’ page that is confusing and doesn’t really explain anything, we’ve created this page to explain what went wrong.

    You can either (a) click on the ‘back’ button in your browser and try to navigate through our site in a different direction, or (b) click on the following link to go to homepage.”
    even my website is not getting displayed correctly. it is appearing as a simple list , I am able to log in to my associated blog site ( sub directory) & it is being displayed correctly also. both sites use same theme.

    just to update, even the log in page is appearing without any designs & even if i click on lost password, it takes me to same 404 page.

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    bsubramanib, you’ll have to access your WordPress database via phpMyAdmin (most hosting providers offer this in their control panel) and manually change the siteurl and home values to

    If you need further assistance, please start your own topic.

    James- Thanks a ton. It worked.

    Pardon my ignorance, but just wondering, how you came to know my site id ?



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    You’re linking it off your profile.

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    You’re welcome! Yeah, I got the link off of your profile, but you’re welcome to think of me as psychic if you wish.

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