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  • I have just installed wordpress on my site today. I have two issues happening. 1_ when you go to my URL where it is installed it does not load the page. If i go to it did load up. BUT now when i go there it loads the page as simple text, no CSS is applied. When i try to go to my wp-admin page, it loads the same thing. My dashboard does not come up. I don’t know what happened or how to fix it.

    Any help?

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    It looks like an additional index.php has somehow crept into the paths referenced by the page.
    can you log in at the following URL?:

    and check that under settings -> general the
    WordPress address (URL)
    is set to
    & not

    You may want to start by consulting your hosting information about getting started. Step one would be to delete the default placeholder page that is currently in your site directory, and-or- by configuring your default pages. (index.html or index.php – etc…)

    Urgent help!!!!

    I have installed a new customised theme and not not able to login to wordpress admin.
    It gives this message. How can I solve this? Making it very scary.
    I can still see my blog:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/j/s/w/jswching/html/wp-content/themes/janet_ching/functions.php:633) in /home/content/j/s/w/jswching/html/wp-login.php on line 290

    Grateful if someone can help!

    Many thanks, Janet

    I have found this thread
    and have tried myself but did not work.

    I’m having the exact same problem on a blog I installed Aug. 19th as well.

    The page loads with no CSS applied, just simple text. When you click on Site Admin it just defaults back to the same index page over and over.

    I’ve removed the database in Fantastico and removed the WP files and tried reinstalling, but the same things happens each time.

    For those of you who are having blank pages and non-css formating its because not all the files were uploaded correctly or are incomplete. You need to re-upload the wp-admin and wp-includes folders.

    The theme ralated issue means its not compatible with current version of wordpress, if it is then again incomplete upload.

    @jswching – your theme’s functions.php is interfering with your login.php. Try deactivating it by renaming it via your ftp.

    Would be helpful if you can paste what line 633 says.

    In any case you should try to get your installation working with the default theme before uploading/using a new one and activating any plugins.

    kalynna, something is weird with your stylesheet. I’ve tried three different ways to grab your stylesheet and I always get the home page in source. In other words, something is causing your front page to load as if it were the stylesheet. Your background image also redirects in the same weird way– try it. Have you edited anything– .htaccess maybe? Have you disabled all plugins?

    Actually, I deleted the whole installation for other reasons from my cPanel, and database via Fantastico. Now as I try to reinstall, you see what’s happening.

    I haven’t edited any files but maybe there is an edit that needs to happen to the .htaccess?

    Clearly, the way I deleted the blog the first time has affected reinstalling, but the why is beyond my WP knowledge.

    Are you reinstalling via Fantastico? If so, search the forums. There is something weird you have to do when you do that– delete some hidden file I think it is. (Sorry. I can’t remember exactly.) I’d suggest not using a script though. Do it manually.

    mine is still not working. I tried and it took me to a login page and then after i log in it goes back to the unformatted CSS page. I did recopy over the wp-admin and wp-includes folders and it didnt do anything. Thanks to all of you who have given me suggestions! Should i just reinstall and if so, how do i do that?



    okay, I reinstalled everything. Now, how do I “onfigure your default pages. (index.html or index.php – etc…)”

    I have no clue on how to make my site actually work? if i go to the index.php page, it works, but if i click on any link it takes me to that hosting temp page? WTF????

    any help will be much appreciated

    Yes I have been trying to reinstall via Fantastico. I’ll look around some more but haven’t had any luck yet. Thanks!

    Tried deleting and reinstalling manually as per the WP tutorials. Still have exact same problem.

    Any ideas as to a hidden file somewhere that needs to go?

    @bcarlson41 and kalynna – I can take alook at your installation and try to get it working for you. Drop an email via the contact us on my site.

    Okay, I sent you something. Let me know if you need any particular information. Thanks

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