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    this is very strange. I installed a new theme and although i got the theme running fine, when i try to access the wp-admin my browser loads a completely blank screen.

    i can log in then just blank, totally blank!

    Same problem with both firefox and explorer.

    I checked the folder and files with my ftp program and they’re all there and chmod-ed to 755

    I don’t know what else to do, any suggestions, please?

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  • Crenauer-
    This is one of two common things that can happen when your blog URL and the URL you type to get there don’t match. Meaning, if you type www dot blog dot com rather than blog dot com or vice versa. If what you type doesn’t match what WordPress has, it can cause the ol’ blank screen problem.
    Of course, it might be something else, but that seems the most likely.

    So, try adding or excluding the www and see if that changes anything. If you can now get in your admin panel, change the URL of the blog in the options panel to match what you routinely type.

    Hope this helps.

    Thankyou for the advice monkeypup, but i just gave it a shot and nothing. Both come up blank. It’s interesting though, in explorer it loads ‘www dot blog dot com’ when i type exactly that in the address bar, but in firefox it redirects to the blog dot com regardless of what i type in the address bar.

    I think it would be easier to copy all my posts to text, reinstall everything and post everything again, but i really want to get to the bottom of this. besides google’s psychotic algorythms would probably black list me for eternity if i did so.

    It’s driving me nuts, i just can’t figure it out.

    Does all the admin pages come up blank? Try going directly to the Themes panel: http://yourdomain/blog's root/wp-admin/themes.php, if that doesn’t work, maybe you’d better check the web server error log?

    Now I think were getting somewhere. in the server error log there is a call to undefined function: add_theme_page() in the file wp-admin/themetoolkit.php on line 84

    I just had a look at the code and i can’t see any obvious problems, but i don’t really know anything about php.

    I’m giving up.

    Thanks monkeypup and alrescha

    maybe you just have to delete the theme with ftp and trie to login again?

    I’m haveing the same problem. Where did this end? Did you give up, and are not up again?

    I’m getting a bit frustrated my self. Seems that others have the same problem (blank wp-admin pages), but I can’t find out either what’s wrong, or what to do to solve it..

    Help would definitly be apreacheated 🙂



    undefined function: add_theme_page() in the file wp-admin/themetoolkit.php on line 84

    Same problem here. Deleted the theme which did no good at all. More errors.

    Renamed the file. No good. More errors.

    Reinstalled the theme so I atleast did have one but now I can not write to posts or anything. Can not access the admin area at all.

    PLEASE… any help is a blessing.



    Sorry… this is actually the error I am getting:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: add_theme_page() in /home/twotails/public_html/coffeesage/wp-content/themes/problogger-clean/themetoolkit.php on line 84



    Help. I know this post is marked resolved but for some reason I can not start a new post. So please, if you can help me, I would be thankful.



    @2tails/coffeesage, yes..the same IP addy peoples.. go here:

    Scroll down to bottom of page.. fill in the fields and hit the submit button. 😉




    Ok thanks! I fixed it myself though. Not a expert coder but by adding // in front of add theme_page() seem to correct the problem. Great for future problems of the same sort.



    Well, atleast you got it “fixed” for yourself, but PLEASE, next time.. on the main page here:

    Scroll down to bottom of page, pick a forum that you think your problem would fit in for, and click on the forum link, once in there.. go to the bottom of that forum page, fill in the fields and hit Send Post button.. 😉


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