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  • WordPress Admin panel is not saving categories when creating new post or editing it.
    Also same problem with adding categories or pages to menu.
    It just doesn’t save changes when I press update.
    I tried with disabling all plugins and excluding stuff in function.php and javascript and jquery, but nothing helps

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  • Anyone to help me out here?
    I can not add categories to posts or add things to menu!?

    I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 1.6, but didn’t solve problem.

    John Parris



    I just tested a clean install and didn’t have this problem. Have you tried switching to a default theme like Twenty Thirteen / Twelve to test?

    This problem was not caused by New wordpress 3.6. installation, just I am saying that even that didn’t solve problem.

    It is not working when I change to Twenty Thirteen.
    It is not working when I try define( 'CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );
    It is not working no matter how I change jquery and js settings
    It is not working when I disable all plugins

    John Parris



    Did you do all those things at once? Specifically using Twenty Thirteen and disabling ALL plugins (NO exceptions) and then testing?

    Same problem here. All are working except the menu. I can add the categories and custom links to the menu but I can’t add the pages to the menu. Any solutions?

    I clicked the ‘Add to Menu’
    Nothing appear on right hand side.

    For me it appears on right side but when a I press button to save it, it is not saving any changes.

    me too.
    can’t create a category when writing a post. i type the new name in the box but when i hit ‘add new category’ nothing happens.
    if i try to do it through wp-admin it doesn’t work either. i type the new category, the slug and description but clicking the button has no effect.

    I’m glad it isn’t just me. I’ve been trying for days to figure out why my posts will not show up in the menu. I can click the category but without exception it will NOT show up in the menu. My site is Boy if anyone has a solution to this I will be FOREVER grateful!!!!!!

    Reading the above, I can add pages to the menu just fine. But the different categories will not register in the menu. Like you can click on Paraguay, for example, and posts under Paraguay will not come up. Same for all other categories. But the “Learn Spanish” page in the menu does open. Home also works, but nothing else.

    I can add categories to the menu but the posts will not go there. The menu did work fine until I tried to change it so I had “Countries” at the top and the four countries as sub-menus. It looked good but did not work. When that didn’t work I changed it back but it was messed up then. After reading the above I just disabled all plug-ins as mentioned above (no exceptions), and they are still disabled but it didn’t change anything else. Categories still don’t work. I did try changing the theme as suggested and when I did that, nothing but “Learn Spanish” and “Home” showed in the title bar. The other menu headings were no longer in the title bar.

    Okay, I went back and tried Twenty-Thirteen and the menu at the top didn’t come up. So I tried Twenty-Ten and Home and Learn Spanish came up on the title bar and nothing else. It should show Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay and General. BUT the Archives list of all posts to the right does work.

    Does anyone have a proper solution for this?
    I got the same problem but with a theme form themeforest.
    and i think that its not the theme. but something else.

    John Parris



    How many menu items do you have? There have been some known issues with saving large menus, and I’m curious if that applies here.

    I have Bluecore. Right now I have countries with four countries as submenus, newsletter archives, general, and Learn Spanish. But if I get rid of the countries so that the others are not sub-menus, it still doesn’t work. Without nesting countries under “Countries” I would have 6 items. The software also includes “Home” there. It worked before I tried to put the countries under one heading, but when I removed it, it stayed messed up. I have deleted the entire menu and redid it, tried making a different menu with only two categories included and it didn’t work that way either. I don’t know what else to try.

    A grateful thank you to the person who suggested deactivating ALL plug ins. I also tried that. It didn’t fix my menu problems but it fixed another serious problem I didn’t even mention. So I appreciate it so much. Gave me a sense of accomplishment even though I still have a mess! ;D

    I have been Facing similar Issue in WordPress

    I am using a theme it is Portfolio, Logo carousel Slider apart it post and Menu

    All have different categories menu itself a part of categories, Portfolio categories, logo carousel categories, sliders have too categories and it is not saving in the wordpress.

    Sometimes it works but sometimes it is disappear.

    I have deactivated all plugins but it wont works. Switched with different theme but it wont works.

    I have been using such plugins

    Better WP Security
    Google Drive WP Media
    Use Google Libraries
    WP Fastest Cache
    WP Really Simple Health

    Problem are frequently. It sometimes works but sometimes it didnt.

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