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  • Hi,

    I have recently moved all my wordpress-websites from a shared host to a dedicated server. Following the migration, we have experienced trouble accessing the wp-admin on a few of them. The front-end of every site is working just fine, and for the majority of them the wp-admin is working as well. However, on 4 websites i get an infinite redirect loop when I’m trying to access /wp-admin.

    We won’t get any help whatsoever from our host it seems, so I’m turning to you as I have run out of possible sollutions.

    So let’s start with what all these problem-sites have in common. They all have the same parent theme for starters. However, a lot of the sites that do work have the same parent theme as the ones that don’t, so i’m not sure if the problem lies there. All the sites I use have been installed using the same method, same wordpress-version (3.5.1) and the same version of the themes, and they all look very similar to eachother, and from what I know, there shouldn’t really be anything special with the sites that are not working.

    What I have tried so far:

    Switching of all plugins
    Made sure .htaccess doesn’t have any redirects in it (also tried deleting the .htaccess)
    Changed to standard TwentyEleven theme in the database

    I have tried a number of other things as well, that I have found in similar threads, but none of them have worked. I’m not really that familiar with coding and such.

    I can’t find anything obvious that stands out when comparing the working sites to the non-working sites, but it’s hard when you’re not sure what to look for. Thus I have no idea of what the root of the problem might be.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you require any more information just let me know and I’ll provide it. Have been unable to access this for a couple of days now and I’m starting to get worried!

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  • Fathi


    Verify if you have an issue with the “www”
    Just try to access your admin page with and without the www



    If you have trouble with the full domain, then add this code at the bottom of your wp-config file:


    Just add the exact domain as worked in the past, if you used a simple without www then delete the wwww from the above code and don’t forget to change “yourdomain” with your Url.

    Hi, having the exact same problem here – did you find a solution?

    Hi, I am also having the same problem – it’d be great to find a solution 🙂

    Fathi’s solution worked for me. Just defined the absolute path before these lines:

    if ( !defined('ABSPATH') )
    	define('ABSPATH', dirname(__FILE__) . '/');

    in the wp-config file as Fathi suggested.

    I know absolutely NO CODING and I’ve been pulling my hair for a few hours. THANK YOU FATHI! THAT WORKED!

    I went into the File Manager of my web hosting control panel, found the wp-config file, then added those two define lines to the end of the file! Somehow, even an idiot like me was able to do this! I WIN THIS TIME COMPUTER, I win this time…

    Oh the absolute horror. It worked for a while, but now it has a redirect loop again. And even worse, it’s affected another wordpress site of mine. Now I can’t access my other wordpress site dashboard and it redirects to this site for some reason and back to the log-in screen. Help!

    Somehow those two lines of code went missing. I put them back in and my new site is working now, but now my old one redirects to my new one! Ah!

    So now my new site’s WP dashboard is working, but my old one isn’t!

    HAH! IT WORKS! IT WORKS! This is so strange! Now I’m using two laptops, and the laptop I usually use, my old site WORKS! But I can’t access that site on my second laptop.

    I’ll just carry two laptops around whenever I go to Starbucks and pretend to be interesting and yet so desperately, desperately lonely. Maybe I can invite a woman to use my other laptop. “Hey uh, want to use my laptop? I have two. I have two laptops. Please love me.”

    edit: Now it seems like neither site will work on my second laptop but will on my first. But it just worked a second ago on my second. It may not seem like it, but I’m like really smart. I’m like a really smart person.

    EDIT: SECOND SITE NOT WORKING AGAIN! Defeated laughter! Oh help me…

    It seems that when I disconnected Jetpack from my new site, it may have deleted the site, because now when I go to the site, it doesn’t show wordpress, but my domain server’s default ’empty’ page. I guess I’ll try reinstalling wordpress for my new domain.

    Oh it’s working again! But for how long? I reinstalled WordPress for that domain but it still redirected. Then I popped in those two lines of code. After a long wait, voila! It’s working again!

    I think there’s also an issue with Jetpack or just simply linking the new domain with the old domain on the same WordPress account. UHHH!

    And possibly because I used Fantastico De Luxe to make my WordPress site with my first domain, and I used QuickInstall to make my second WordPress site. Could that be an issue?

    Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute. I don’t think my two sites are on the same WordPress account. When I got to and type in my e-mail and password, VOILA! My first site works! But if I try to go to www.”myfirstsite”.com/wp-admin – NO DEESAY. If I go to www.”mysecondsite”.com/wp-admin and type in my username and password from QuickInstall, VOILA! Now I guess I’d like to connect the two on the same WordPress account. But all in all I’m happy. Well, this has been an ordeal. Thank you very much.

    Nope, still have redirect problems. Absolutely insane. Going to try deleting the second site again and installing it through Fantastic De Luxe like the first site.

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