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    My wp-admin is gone. The account is not recognized. This is long. I don’t know what is and isn’t pertinent.I’m not posting the link because I don’t want to do that with no admin + the site is showing up just fine.

    I’m researching this quite a bit, have been for a while and currently running a full backup in my Cpanel.

    I am not 100% sure what happened. I know I was confused about .com vs .org so I downloaded the .com app to be able to view my dash easily from mobile and listed my website in the profile. That profile was given basic dashboard access, but not admin. So I feel like that’s not it… ?

    I also updated yesterday and installed BoldGrid. Freemium comes with like 4-6 plug-ins that all show up on your plug-ins page in their own little section & in a new drop menu at the top of admin.

    I almost installed the inspiration plug-in but it’s just a page builder and I liked mine. I activated the SEO plug-in, which I don’t really remember well, it seemed stupid. I decided it wasn’t suited for me but didn’t uninstall.

    Today while trying to connect to an FTP so that I could a child page, I decided to do a back up with the BoldGrid BackUp Plug-in so I wouldn’t, you know… destroy my site 👀
    It was there ready to be activated and used, so I went for it…

    I know I wasn’t doing something right setting up the FTP. I have used one before but not with my host site, only on a different hosted platform.

    So, I never was able to get it connected to my /public_html. I think it’s because the site is actually under /home2/(directoryname). And I didn’t realize that because I am not smart and didn’t realize I had this in my Cpanel. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    My only other site, the one it shares the host with, was just to look nice and direct people to other several important sites from one location. This is my first real website.

    Then I had to set new work computers for my new job (remote tech support and it took me like an hour to get the VPN working 😅 something tells me I’ll be stuck on password resets for a while). All I really did today was activate the backup plug-in, run it (p.s. it doesn’t even back up plug-ins with large files 🙄).

    I came back to my laptop and used Elementor, the page builder I’m using on my front page. I made a few changes. I tried to include a WordPress widget for my forums but needed the links and used the #bb-plugin-forum-login or whatever it was in the field for “log-in,” add when I hit “Apply,” I received a message that it couldn’t be found, which I got some yesterday playing around. I hit back “ok,” and instead of returning to the page I was working on, I could not access my admin anymore.

    I don’t know if my current theme is not in the /home2/(directoryname)/public_html, but in a sub root for the website? The WordPress theme I was using was GeneratePress and is in the sub root but the one in but was working on the home page with Elementor, which is in the /public_html.

    So, now I am thinking I need to copy at least my entire -content into the /public_html folder and join them???

    Then, I am thinking that adding an admin through my /public_html/wp-content/themes/functions.php using a code I found through a YouTube video tutorial on a website page from inmotionhosting, which would allow me to set a new user, password, and email.

    I’ve been dealing with this for about four hours now. This is also my first website and I’ve been working on it for just a week now. This is day 6. And I already broke my website. I am biiiiiig sad. That was a lot of energy for me. I’ve done NOTHING but work on this site for three days straight. 😭

    Is this a bad idea to create a new user through the backend?

    Should I do that 1st and then check to see if it would be useful to copy my sub root into the public folder?
    —-I still can’t figure out exactly what went on there other than that before doing it I created a new FTP account in my Cpanel for that website, which shows up empty in the public folder. I want to use that email for the new admin account since it’s never been used before.

    Is there an easier method?

    If you’ve actually read all this, much thanks. I’ve you can give me any sort of notion if this is going to make things worse, I’m all ears. I haven’t reached out for supper anywhere yet, just searching and forums.

    Thank you.

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  • Why don’t you ask your web host about all this…

    public_html is often the name of the web root folder so sometimes public_html is a reference to whatever you might be using as your ‘webroot’ directory. Your host can answer that question.

    If you can’t get to WordPress admin then you really can’t add a user to WordPress and have it work plus a new user account probably won’t fix your admin account.

    Finally, without a link to your website, I can’t browse the site to see if anything obvious is wrong. I do understand your reticence in giving that info out but that is either public info or it is not. If it is public then anyone can ‘rattle the doors’ there to see login panels and such.

    Your web host will be privy to that info so they can take a quick look as needed.

    Hope this helps and let us know if you need anything else from us.



    Hey, thanks! I didn’t realize I could ask my host about it. They were super helpful and were able to find my back up and get it back up–I tried to do that I mentioned above I ended up with a 404 error.

    I think it was the Bold Grid plug-in. I was in chat with my host for an hour and most of that was trying to get it to stop overriding or blocking my wp-admin log-in attempts, even after it was uninstalled.

    And, yeah, so I had actually only just set it to go live because I had something that couldn’t be changed until I did that. It’s not actually even to launch yet. My cornerstone articles are basically just outlines, not content, at this point.

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