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  1. GotSpotdotcom
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I was noticing a JavaScript error when trying to moderate comments from the available links send via email. The module in question was "comment.php" and the error was a missing single quote in the value of an input button, onclick property;

    <input type='button' class="button" value='<?php esc_attr_e('No'); ?>' onclick="self.location='<?php echo admin_url('edit-comments.php'); ?>'" /> <== the last single quote here (before the double quote to end the string) was missing.

    I'm not a super programmer and this was such an easy fix I feel like I'm doing something wrong! :O) But, putting the single quote in to complete the self.location string fixed the error for me. Hope this helps someone else or perhaps Admin might update in a future fix/release?

    Good Luck.

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