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    Hi Georgio,
    I see what you mean, i was not able to replicate the issue on my side, possible related to wp install directory.
    Can you get in touch with me at to check it further.


    Thanks for the quick response. I was able to resolve my problem meanwhile. Yes it is related to the wp install directory. The plugin doesnt write the .htaccess correctly.

    For example, if this directory is called “wp” and you want to rename your to

    the plugin will write:

    RewriteRule ^/wp/login.php(.*) /wp/wp-login.php$1 [L,QSA]

    instead of

    RewriteRule ^login.php(.*) /wp/wp-login.php$1 [L,QSA]

    and that causes the problem.

    Three other things:
    1. Everytime you click SAVE, the plugin rewrites the .htaccess and erases the fixes you made, which is a nightmare if you dont make all modifications at once. But making all the modifications at once is another nightmare because the .htaccess file becomes extremely long and you may lose control when fixing. So I preferred to make only two modifications wp-login and wp-admin

    2. The plugin doenst use its own area to write things in the .htaccess, but inserts them inside the initial WordPress config which may cause confusion to a beginner. If they decide to remove the plugin and clean the htaccess, they may erase the bottom part of the wordpress block by error.

    You see something like this:

    # BEGIN WordPress
    #START – WP Hide & Security Enhancer
    #END – WP Hide & Security Enhancer
    # END WordPress

    3. Finally one has to synchronize the two .htaccess in the directories: /www and /www/wp

    PS I preferred to write here so that users with the same issue can have a temporary workaround until you fix that problem.

    Plugin Author nsp-code


    Thanks for your feedback.
    Unfortunate there’s no other way, the .htaccess will be re-created when Save button is being clicked, or permalinks changed / regenerated.

    Can you specify the exact url structure of your site?
    e.g. siteurl (option), home (options)
    Also the actual folder sturcture
    e.g. / -> WordPress root
    /wp/ -> WordPress install

    If possible i’ll still prefer so you get in touch with me and continue this threat, there are few sensitive things which i can’t ask through this topic.


    I finally deactivated the plugin temporarily, because I discovered other problems today. It blocks s2members options; it makes the buddypress connection widget not work properly if I block the wp-login.php page etc

    I will come back when I will have finished the site development. I think I have pointed you to the right direction: wordpress install directory

    Have a nice day!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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