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  • I upgraded to 2.8 last night, and am having issues with wp-admin. I disabled the WPtouch iPhone plugin and that at least gained me access to my dashboard. However, the right column that was visible in the dashboard main page is not there, and screen options will not drop down and let me try to add or remove things. For example, before the upgrade, I could see stats in that column. Now, only the left column shows with comments. Any suggestions?

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  • I have this same problem. Admin panel is completely broken. I deactivated all the plugins before the upgrade too. I’ve done this several times. Doesn’t work.

    I renamed my plugins folder to “plugins_temp” during one update and it got the two default plugins to work without breaking the dash, but any other plugins I add and WordPress’s dash craps out; even plugins that are 2.8 compatible. I don’t know what to do. Prior to doing the rename, even default plugins like Akismet would break the dash.

    Probably going to have to reinstall 2.7 Hopefully WP can put up the old auto install script they used to do the upgrades. They should have it laying around somewhere right?

    Don’t you think that that would be a great idea and it would be awfully nice of them to make it easy to go back to 2.7…hint hint…

    Does anyone know an easy way to roll back to 2.7?

    If I just upload my 2.7 files that I installed from will it damage or overwrite any of my content?

    I just reinstalled 2.7.1 Thankfully everything is back to normal.

    I also reinstalled 2.7.1 and everything is back to normal.

    The only problem was when I first loggen in it told me that my database was out of date and needed to be updated.

    i just upgraded to 2.8 a few minutes ago. my blog shows up correctly externally, but my dashboard is basically inoperable, as everyone above is saying…none of the menus (e.g., screen options, help, posts, media, links, pages, etc) drop down, so i cant get to any of the sub options.

    if i click directly on a left menu item, and go to another page, then all the navigation functionality returns everywhere but on the actual dashboard.

    i’m also not seeing the components that used to reside on the right half of my dashboard – quick press, stats, etc.

    hope someone figures out what the deal is. i’ve tried reinstalling, disabling plugins, clearing FF cache, etc…no dice.

    Disable your plugins, everything will work. I think it has to do with the jQuery update (or something). Plugin authors really need to test them for compatibility. IntenseDebate caused problems, and so did OpenID. Akismet, Stats, Hello Dolly don’t seem to interfere with the Admin.

    Disabled plugins…nothing. Removed my plugin folder…nothing. Put it back and all the plugins are disabled…nothing.

    @ Leejj

    Same with me…nothing……..

    My solution, just downgraded to 2.71 🙁 but my blog is working 😉

    the culprit for me is one of my favorite plugins – NextGen Gallery – every other plugin and setting works fine.

    however, when I have nextgen-gallery enabled, it kills all the menus in my dashboard.

    good thing i haven’t updated my photo site yet…and yea, it seems like a jQuery issue since menus stop opening and closing in all their jQuery glory.

    Deleted the plugins, went back to wp-admin, and the dashboard now shows up fine. I”ll now carefully add the plugins back, being sure they’re 2.8 ready.

    Same problem too, seems like we all have the same problem

    Here is the screencaps of my dashboard, it’s not in flash dropdown menu mode

    It looks normally on IE but could not work at all, I can’t click anything.
    Here is the screen

    First I thought it was something wrong with firefox, try to install google chrome, safari and it appear the same, already clear the cache, cookies, history

    Can anybody help me out, thank You much


    after some time spent in trying to adjust plugins, I adopted the same soulution 😉

    I just did the same. Back down to 2.7.1.

    Be sure all of the wp-includes files on the server are the new ones. Mine would not transfer six of the files. Once I did that manually (ftp) I was good to go.

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