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  • Hi, this may be a plugin issue. You will need to switch them all off in the first instance and then see if you can get your login page. If this is successful, switch your plugins on one at a time until you get the problem again. You’ll then know which plugin is causing the problem.

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    Hi Steveart24,

    Thanks for your response. How can i go about shutting them off one at a time? I’m new to wordpress. Do I FTP IN or do it through my host (godaddy)?


    This is working fine for me.


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    I can’t seem to figure this out.

    Here’s what’s going on – a bit more detailed and what i’ve done.

    I am able to get to wp-login.php but when I visit wp-admin I get a blank white page. my website ( is up, I can see the landing page. So I go to wp-login.php and reset my password. I receive the email saying “click here to reset password” and when I click it, it takes me to a blank page ( and this is as far as I can get..

    I have gone within myphpadmin and tried to reset that password within there. Still no luck, I can’t even get into wp-login even though I know the credentials are correct.

    I’ve cleared cache, reset default settings, disabled plugins in filezilla, disabled themes, but still can’t get anywhere. I can’t disable plugins from godaddys end because it says “Plugin & Theme status is unavailable due to site customizations.” which i’ve googled and tried all that troubleshooting.

    I’m exhausted, and i wish I knew how to fix this. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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    Quick fix…

    Login to your FTP or file manager. Navigate to the plugins directory and rename that plugins directory to something slightly different (I always change it to plugins1234).

    This will deactivate your plugins and will usually let you in. Else you’ll need to do the same thing to the current theme directory to kill the current theme. But it’s usually a plugin causing this.

    Once you’re in change the plugin directory name back and troubleshoot from there.

    I am having – it feels like – the exact same issue. In fact, I accidentally create this new username/account with wordpress in an attempt to ‘remember’ the correct credentials. Nothing I use is working, my page’s wp-admin says not secure. I cannot even get in via Go Daddy. When I try and login to, nothing works. I’ve tried a few things but not disabling plugin’s yet (a little unsure how to). I can’t reset my password. It tells me that my usernames are all invalid. I’m really at a loss here.

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    Im right there with you, even with everyone elses “fixes” none have worked. I’m really losing it (and lots of money) >.<

    I can’t even express how frustrating this is. I’m sure you agree. I can’t even find how to start a new topic in this forum – although I don’t see the point in even doing that. Any of the suggestions people have offered you are falling on deaf ears for me – I don’t even know where to find my plugins. I can’t even find the .org program on my computer. I get it – I’m inept here but I can’t believe there is so little support for newbies. Short of looking for someone to hire, I have no idea what to do. I don’t see how I could do anything within wordpress to fix the issue as I can’t even get into the admin dashboard from GoDaddy either. AGH!

    @azh20 @lacharrington did either of you find a fix? I’ve got the same issue and it’s driving me nuts

    Hi all, I upgraded PHP to 7.2 for WP 5.03 and this fixed the issue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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