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  • Our website has been fully functional up until recently when all of a sudden (no update made to WP version and/or any plugins) when we browse to /wp-admin the page is black. We have followed many of the suggestions elsewhere here (like renaming Plugins Folder, checking for spaces in functions.php, uploading a new wp-login.php etc) none of which have worked. Its very confusing as we didnt update anything and were able to login recently without any issue. All help and advice greatly appreciated. The site is up and running here at
    We can FTP of course, but no WP access and need to make an urgent edit to the site so thanks in advance folks.

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  • Try here,

    Also you need to upgrade WordPress ASAP. Your site is vulnerable to hacks.

    kmessinger you are a SAVIOUR! Never even thought to try wp-login and feeling a little red faced now as a result. As an opportunity to learn from this why would wp-admin work on some sites and wp-login on others? Again BIG BIG thanks you have no idea how helpful your response has been!

    actually maybe a little premature, as having got the login to display via wp-login, once I logged in, I am now still faced with the /wp-admin page. Confused :/ is the address of the dashboard.

    Just to clarify once I click login via /wp-login.php, it automatically redirects to /wp-admin which still just displays the problem blank white page. All help greatly appreciated.

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    Try another browser, or computer. We can’t experience your issue

    Hi Andrew, I have tried FFox, Chrome and IE on a PC running Windows, also tried on an iPad with Chrome, repro’d every time. Once I login from wp-login.php the white screen appears. When I view source on it there is nothing but the number “1” present. Would it be helpful if I included web.log or cgierror.log from the FTP here? Or is that even wise/safe? Thanks again. I really do appreciate any suggestions.

    Quick Update: thanks to kmessinger’s suggestion I am actually logged in, so far as I can see the Black Dashbaord bar across the top, but clicking on any of the options like New, or Edit all just result in a blank white page being displayed. Anyone any more suggestions?

    No new suggestions from me — I’m experiencing the same thing on several pages in my network admin — just wanted to let you know you’re not alone and I’ll be monitoring the responses you get.

    @tnwahine: It is considered impolite to interrupt another poster’s ongoing thread unless you are posting a solution or suggestion. As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    respecting forums rules are paramount. but note of thanks to tnwahine knowing im not alone on this one. Im still troubleshooting, nothing new to report other than to say renaming the theme didnt turn on the feault Twentythirteen theme, it just presented a white screen again.

    tried various suggestions found on forums, e.g. look for spaces and/or extra lines in wp-config.php, and posisbly functions.php. Though I found a missing “?>” at the end of wp-config, adding it did not make a differnece sadly. Search continues.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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