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    Great enhancements with 1.5!

    But found some filter issues after testing:

    1) If filter doesn’t find records, then the “activity logs are empty” message is displayed instead of “no matching records found”. Only re-selecting the wp-activity menu option refreshes the filter, while one should be able to select a new filter from the same screen.

    2) Filter SORTING by User doesn’t seem to work

    3) Pressing “Exporting filtered data” button results in 404 page

    4) “There is currently xx rows in database” info on Events Logging and Feeding screen is influenced by filter used on Activity screen. This should not be the case.

    Rgds, Tom

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  • Plugin Author Dric


    1) I will fix it, I didn’t saw that.
    2) I tried it on 3 different WP installations and the user filtering was working, even if you filter by event type too. What does it display when you try to filter by user ?
    3) What is the link displayed when you click on export button ? Is the path incorrect ?
    4) I tried to avoid another sql query, but I forgot the filters…

    Hi Dric,

    2) When looking more in detail at the sorted list, it seems that the login failure events of a user are not grouped together with the other events by the sort by user filter

    3) Link displayed is: http:// – mysite – /wp-test/wp-content/plugins/wp-activity/wp-activity-export.php This seems to be the correct path to wp-activity-export.php. However, shouldn’t this be going over …wp-test/wp-admin/….?

    Plugin Author Dric


    2) In fact when comes a login failure, there is no user_id as the user couldn’t log in. When displaying activity list I set the name used for the failed logon in the user column, but there is no link with users table.
    That’s why I can’t add login failures to filter by user.

    3) The path seems to be correct. But I was able to reproduce the bug with a WAMP installation, that produces a 404 error. It runs OK under linux, but not under Windows. On which OS are you hosting your blog ?

    Plugin Author Dric


    I have more informations for bug #3. It seems that under Windows, the url to the generated csv file is processed by WordPress, who doesn’t recognize a valid permalink : WordPress tags it 404 error.
    On linux the url is processed by the server who sees a valid url.

    If you comment out line 485 of /wp-includes/class-wp.php, you will be able to access csv file.

    I will try to access it via a wp-test/wp-admin/admin.php?page=export-csv-file, but I’m not sure I will succeed.

    Hi Dric,
    My site is hosted on Linux.
    By the way other plugins with csv export, ran without issue.
    Rgds, Tom

    Plugin Author Dric


    The csv export is fixed in v1.6 !

    Hi Dric,

    Really incredible what you have been able to add to the plugin since 1.4/1.5. Thanks for this!

    I upgraded my 1.4 production version to 1.6.1. Works like a charm.

    Some minor issues:
    1) csv export : when opening the csv file it opens as admin.php (read-only) instead of wp-activity.csv
    2) stats: the event numbers list, ends with the sentence “succesful user logins”…should there be info following this?
    (I notice in IE8 that the message “error on page” is displayed also)

    PS: Do you already have somone working on a Dutch (NL) version of wp-activity? If not, I will be more than happy to provide this to you.



    Plugin Author Dric


    1) This seems to be only occurs when you open the .csv file via IE (I tried with other browsers, but only IE has this behavior). If you choose to save it, the name will be wp-activity.csv and it will not open in read-only mode. I will try to see how to solve the problem.

    2) If there are no logins during the date range you selected (this is the last week by default), the graph is not displayed. But I guess that you have logins and no graph. In IE8, try to press F12 to display development tools. Do you have error messages in console tab ?

    3) I don’t have dutch translation, but I would be happy to have one !

    Thx for the feedback.

    Hi Dric,

    1) Thanks for the workaround

    2) The graph does not display in FF either ;-(
    F12 in IE8 reveils the following script error messages in console:
    Expected ':' admin.php?page=act_stats, line 270 character 49
    'datepicker.regional' is null or not an object load-scripts.php?c=1&load=jquery,utils&ver=fb5c271ac01e8186b23ece33d5ce4961, line 16 character 15120

    By the way, when on the stats screen, the Hello,admin link in the richt top corner is not working anymore either. Normally this should allow one to log out.

    3) Will do translation and provide it to you; where do you want me to send it?


    Plugin Author Dric


    1) It will be fixed in next version, I found what was wrong with IE.

    2) This could be a bug with translations. datepicker.regional is used for translation of the little calendar who is displayed when you want to change the date range. If the translation is messing the javascript code, then datepicker.regional become undefined and it breaks all javascript loaded on the page (including the hello, admin link).

    3) Please send it to . Thx. If the 2) bug is translation related, I will be able to reproduce it with your translation file.

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