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    Not technically RC, since it was just released.

    I’ve updated four sites so far. All updates concluded. All on different shared servers.
    Two performed as expected, going to the “Welcome to WP 5.1” page when complete.
    One went directly to the home page of the site. Upon review, the update had concluded.
    One went to a 404, then when clicking dashboard in the menu said that some database updates needed to be performed. These were performed, and I was directed to the welcome page.

    I bring this up because this is the first time in years that any update has given me oddness on core update. I hope the feedback is helpful. If not, please feel free to delete.

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

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    If you use any form of caching plugins or mechanisms such as CloudFlare, or anything similar to that, then oddities can happen during the update process. Having it redirect to the home page, or possibly even a 404 depending on the configuration, is not entirely unexpected in such cases.

    If one of these is the case, then you should either turn off or disable the plugin involved prior to the upgrade, and then turn it back on afterwards. If you’re using a proxying cache such as CloudFlare, then it is highly recommended to configure that service to never cache anything in the /wp-admin URLs, to avoid problems such as these.

    If you’re not using caches, then a home or 404 redirect is still possible if your browser has certain types of privacy software or extensions running, and if you also have unusual server configurations. The database update screen is also not unexpected in those situations, or if a timeout in the update occurred. If the site is still working after the update but you find any problems, the “Re-install Now” button on the updates screen will overwrite the site files, ensuring that a complete update has taken place. No data will be lost from the Reinstall button.

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    Thanks! This is good to know. I’m just amazed at how robust the update system is.


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    You have no idea how many edge cases are there in that process. It’s a bit crazy. But, it helps that most of that existed before auto-update, or even the one-click update, was a thing. 15 years of history leaves behind much legacy handling.

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