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  • Hi there,

    we’re using WP 4.5 and Twentyeleven with Twentyeleven Theme Extension Plugin. Problem now is that the content is aligned in the middle so the right sidebar (we have right sidebar layout) is overlayed a few pixels.
    Deactivating the Twentyeleven Theme Extension plugin didn’t solve the issue…

    Anybody else there with this problem? I want to fix it but don’t know how because I think it’s WP 4.5 problem…

    thanks in advance!

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  • This might be related to a known issue – see – fourth reply down on the list notes some issues with the twenty-eleven theme.

    Thread Starter jonnexen


    Thank you! That helped me.

    For all others with the same problem:

    add this to your functions.php og the Twentyeleven Theme:

    function wp36510_remove_singular_class( $classes ) {
    	$index = array_search( 'singular', $classes );
    	if ( false !== $index ) {
    		unset( $classes[ $index ] );
    	return $classes;
    add_filter( 'body_class', 'wp36510_remove_singular_class' );

    The above code Jonnexen provided solved my problem. My entire side bar and had shiften down below all main body content. Wheeeew!

    Whew. I thought I broke something. All my sidebars disappeared when I updated to the new WordPress and the new 2011 theme. A sidebar is there in the 2010 theme, but not the one I configured in the sidebars widget. Pasting the code in the child theme functions.php does not work. I guess I’ll look for another theme for a while.

    Thanks, jonnexen, it works for my sites.

    More checking – the problem with displaying the sidebar in Twenty Eleven Child was a Gravity Forms login widget. So the code does work on my site, but the theme does not work with the GF widget.

    Thanks, soft my problem also. I use a child thema and have to add als !important; by the width of the sidebar

    Thanks jonnexen! Solved my problem!

    Jonnexen, thank you so much. I scratched my head all night and almost lost all my hair!

    yeah ah … !!!!
    thanks alot jonnexen and also to topfloort who hinted me to come here to solve my problem !

    GREAT, solved my problem with pages clashes with sidebar in twenty eleven



    I tried to solve the problem using Jonnexen’s code.
    Hopefully I did the right thing:
    Downloaded the functions.php from twenty eleven theme, added at the end of the functions.php the snippet:
    function wp36510_remove_singular_class( $classes ) {
    $index = array_search( ‘singular’, $classes );
    if ( false !== $index ) {
    unset( $classes[ $index ] );

    return $classes;
    add_filter( ‘body_class’, ‘wp36510_remove_singular_class’ );

    and uploaded the functions.php into my child theme folder.

    Then I tried to reload my website and got this error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare twentyeleven_excerpt_length() (previously declared in /homepages/46/d328509366/htdocs/fos_soziales/wp-content/themes/fos_soziales/functions.php:364) in /homepages/46/d328509366/htdocs/fos_soziales/wp-content/themes/twentyeleven/functions.php on line 366

    Could please anybody help me?

    Your solution is brilliant!
    We were already discussing options such as searching for a new theme … but this saved us a lot of work.
    Many Thanks!!
    Regards, esa

    oww, in my haste to say thanks I forgot to mention that maybe DomkantoreiFuerstenwalde should activate another theme ?

    if that helps, then you could maybe download your original target theme, add solution lines at the end of its functions.php ..
    (I added <enter> = line change at the end of my functions.php).
    Then zip that corrected theme + upload + activate.

    How about that, does this help ?



    Jonnexen’s solution worked for me too (thank you so much). I don’t know if this is the right thing but I changed the functions.php directly in the twenty eleven folder and it worked. But usually everything should changed in the child theme folder. So if the next updates come for twenty eleven theme the functions.php will overwritten. What to do?

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