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    Hi patimokkha,

    I’m not too sure what Brad Page Builder is. Did that come with a theme? Could you provide a reference link?

    Regardless, our plugin is not affiliated with Brad Page Builder. I suspect at most they’re a fork (a version based on our code but not actively developed by us) of our plugin.

    Hopefully this makes sense.

    Hi Alex,

    sorry, I realized too late that your plugin is called Page Builder and not Brads Page Builder.

    Brads Page Builder is a part of the “Durus Theme”. Unfortunately the author of this theme stopped working so there’s no more support available.

    You can find the theme here:

    Thanks in advance!


    Plugin Support alexgso


    Hi patimokkha,

    I’ve had a look at the markup of “Brads Page Builder” and it’s different. Way different. I’m not going to be able to help you with this issue. 🙁 I’m sorry.

    Thanks anyway!

    Since the WP 4.5 update, I am having a similar problem. Perhaps I can elaborate. I am using a WordPress theme called “Pangaea” which uses something called “Brad Page Builder” as simplified way to design the pages. It’s the proprietary page “builder” from the guy (Brad) who created the theme (however is no longer actively supporting it).

    Here is where there is info on the HTML version, however I am using the WordPress version, which is no longer available for purchase, but this should give you an idea.

    With the update of WP4.5, the Brad Page Builder interface never loads, but only shows a spinning circle that says, “Loading… please wait…” and it does so for literally, an hour, and never loads. Now I cannot edit any of my pages! I need the Brad Page Builder to load in order to edit the website.

    Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated!



    This is most likely due to jQuery being updated in WordPress 4.5. I might suggest trying to disable the “built in” page builder and use a different page builder plugin all together. There are many popular free and commercial page builders available that are currently maintained such as siteorigin which you can download right here.

    Keith – Thank you for the suggestion! The siteorigin plugin looks like it might be a great solution. I’ll give it a try…

    Keith, do you have any idea how to disable the built in brad page builder? It’s not listed in the plugin folder.

    To fix Brad Page Builder on my instance I had to do the following, it’s hacking the core so not favourable.

    Step 1 – Replace jQuery.
    – Download a copy of jQuery 1.11.3
    – Replace existing jQuery (Backup existing) found in

    Step 2 – Update Brad Page Builder html2element function in composer-view.js
    – Open composer-view.js found in
    – Find and replace the html2element function (comment out original) with

    html2element: function(html) {
        var $template, attributes = {},
            template = html;
        $template = $(template(this.model.toJSON()).trim()), _.each($template.get(0).attributes, function(attr) {
            attributes[] = attr.value
        }), this.$el.attr(attributes).html($template.html()), this.setContent(), this.renderContent()

    This should get it workable for now at least until you convince your client for a rebuild.


    Plugin Support alexgso


    Please be aware that the above WordPress “fix” will need to be applied every time you update WordPress as it’ll “refresh” the version of jQuery.

    We don’t recommend this method (editing a core WordPress file) and would seriously recommend changing plugin as Brad Builder is likely no longer in active development and it’s only a matter of time until it completely stops working.

    I’m sorry for being a bit of a cynic.

    Thanks @alexgso,

    That’s a much needed warning/disclaimer, in a normal circumstance I’m fully against core modification. More just a temporary bandaid until the client can be moved to a new theme or custom one. I definitely don’t suggest as a long term solution.




    Alternatively, you could de-register the current version of jQuery and register an older version using a solution similar to this

    Thanks Keith,

    I had alot of trouble with that approach as I was attempting to replace the jQuery utilized in the WP Backend. All those tutorials show how to do it for the front end using !is_admin(). Removing this and getting jquery re-enqueued on the back end had it load after the load-scripts.php loader which handles all the jquery dependant scripts like migrate and ui, etc. I didn’t look into it much further on this case, but if someone has a working snippet for handling jquery replacement in the backend that’d be great. May have just needed to use a really high priority on the admin_enqueue_scripts, but not sure.


    Garrett Hyder, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for taking the time to fix this bug, I spent a couple of hours figuring out how I could fix this bug and your code correction works perfectly.

    Thanks again!

    Garrett Hyder


    No worries @dreamsnfx, glad it’s working for you.

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