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    hi there,

    i know the plugin is not explicitly stated to be working with wp 4.4 yet, but I have a strange issue only concerning all hard crop-mode images, otherwise it’s running and converting files very well.

    while all non-cropped image sizes are created with the correct profiles embedded, the standard wordpress thumbnail size (hard crop mode ticked) and also all custom image sizes (set in functions.php and crop mode set to ‘true’) are still bding stripped of all color profiles.

    the plugin setup seems fine, green tick and all, commandline version.

    could it be a bug, that only non-crop mode images are successfully run through imagemagick? i tested by using the plugin “regenerate thumbnails” and also by uploading new images, same result.

    thanks for your support.

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    update: I tested again (on a local mamp-based install) and it looks like this is only an issue when running the plugin with the command-line imagemagick version.

    when using the php module, all is working fine – when using the command-line variant though, hard-cropped image sizes are not resized via imagemagick but the standard gd library seems to be used (all other non-fixed-crop sizes are working via imagemagick command-line though).

    as the plugin doesn’t seem to be actively developed anymore, changing webhost and running a server with the imagemagick php module seems to be the only option.


    Possibly related, here’s my current experience (WP 4.4, ImageMagick Engine 1.5.2):

    • without this patch: transparent PNG backgrounds go black
    • with above patch, using command-line: transparent PNG backgrounds go white
    • with above patch, using PHP module: transparent PNG backgrounds stay transparent.

    I’ve settled for using the PHP module and applying the patch linked above.

    Hope this helps!

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