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  • citeewurkor


    kensav, that link you gave is an actual folder. Moshu is right. by the looks of it, the folder is empty. Maybe try to rename it temporarily and see what happens?

    Moderator Ryan Boren


    To help us debug, download, install, and activate the Dump Env plugin. Visit a page that is giving a 404. Save the page source for that page. Forward the page source to ryan at boren dot nu. Deactivate the plugin when finished.

    Moderator Ryan Boren


    As moshu and citeewurkor point out, if a file or directory exists that collides with part of the permalink, brokenness usually ensues.



    > I hope this doesn’t mess with my search engine ranks.

    Unfortunately I think it will have some effect.



    Um, Ryan? I’ve got a peculiar question. I installed your Dump_Env thingie and activated it, and the minute I did the permalinks worked fine, at least they do with the date and name based option, if not with a custom blend. Does it hurt anything to keep the plugin active?



    I just installed WordPress 2.0 for a new site. I did the following:

    touch .htaccess
    chmod a+rw .htaccess

    Then clicked on Options > Permalinks > and selected “Date and name based”. I then get 404 errors on the home page.

    URL =

    (I have switched back to the ?p= permalinks in the meantime)



    i’m getting the same problem with 2.0 final. moving back to default permalink structure fixes it… but cant change to other structure, even if .htaccess is writeable



    Andreas Beer


    Seems to be a problem of 2.0. The new version only gives me endless trouble with permalinks. I think I revert to 1.5.2 with a brand new database made from the backup.

    Andreas Beer


    Found it ! Deactivated the plugin “german-permalinks” and everything is fine again.



    uhm, i use a default install…
    i upgraded from 2.0RC2 to 2.0 final..without any extra plugins



    I have a very similar problem. It does not work with custom: /%post_id%/%postname%/ . All the other options work fine. I upgraded it to 2.0 from 1.5.2.



    If my permalink structure is anything other than “default,” I get a 404 error on the home page, though the permalinks do work just fine.

    Working from a clean install (fresh database and installation of WP2.0), none of the permalink options seem to fix that problem. As soon as I delete the .htaccess (even a blank .htaccess is creating that 404 error) and change my permalink option back to default, the problem goes away, but of course I’m left with “/?p=3” or some such as the permalink structure. If I put an .htaccess in there, the permalinks work fine, but the home page gives me a 404. Make sense? Anyone else experiencing anything similar? Know how to fix it? Thanks for your time.



    if this is about the blog linked to your name… everything seems to work fine.



    I’m having similar problems. Some of my posts permalinks work fine. Others return a 404. Even editing the file, returning it to draft, and republishing it don’t help.

    I went into the options and had WP update the permalink structure. No joy.

    I’m using the following permalink setup:


    I went to my archives page and tried a few posts. Archives here:

    I do not have an /archives/ folder. This is a WP page.

    These permalinks, among others, do not work:

    Any ideas?


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