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    The permalink feature was slightly altered in WpPv2.0. As it is stated in the upgrade guides, you will need to re-generate your permalink structure.

    Yes I read that but how do I re-generate all my links?

    I ran the upgrade.php and not the install.php as the codex said to for wp2.0

    install.php said that my blog was already installed.

    Just go into Options >Permalinks and hit the Update button.

    Yes I’ve done this and I still get the same problem with the permalinks not working and giving me a 404.

    Although something I did find was if I switch to the default structure then all the links work ok. Switching back to my custom /index.php/archives/%postname%/ messes everything back up again.

    Did it ever work with that permalinks structure?

    OK I found that using the word archives in my path for the permalink was the problem. I switched it to %category% and all my links have now changed but they are working.

    Any ideas why using archives won’t work??

    I hope this doesn’t mess with my search engine ranks.

    If you’re on Apache earlier than 2.0, it sorta has something to do with this:

    ok… i upgraded earlier tonight and the permalinks worked fine… now all of a sudden they are not…

    are you guys sure that this is a stable release of wordpress?

    anyone know how to fix this so that the ‘date and namebase’ option works again?


    all of a sudden it started working again…

    i’m still confused with the new version…seems like its still a little too buggy to be considered a stable version…

    maybe someone could post instructions for people to revert back to 1.5? and then allow more time for 2.0 testing? Just an idea cause there seems to be a lot of people with problems using 2.0…

    My problem is anything else besides archives works. Problem is that all my search engine links out there use archives in the link and the 1900+ click thrus a day from search engines They all go 404 right now.

    Do you have a “physical” directory called “archives”?

    No I don’t and I haven’t had it in the past.

    If there wasn’t – it should give you a 404 not found, not what you can see at the link I posted.

    it’s a permalink not a physical file/folder.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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