• Our web host auto-updated our site to WP 4.8, and the Testimonials Widget showed “no testimonials.” When we went to troubleshoot settings and whatnot, we saw that all testimonials had been deleted. We asked the host to restore WP 4.7.5, and all is well at this moment, but, per our host ToS, we need to apply the 4.8 update.

    If anyone else has had the same problem and fixed or if the plugin developer knows of a fix, we’d appreciate knowing.

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    We tried updating the Testimonials Widget plugin and leaving WP at 4.7.5, and this also deleted all testimonials.

    We have backups and can revert the plugin back a release also, but we’d really like to update both WP and the plugin and not have to recreate all of our testimonials. If anyone can help, we’d surely appreciate it.

    Plugin Author saurabhd


    @ciaobellaz I am really sorry about the trouble. The plugin is compatible with 4.8 and we have done with a round of testing.

    Are you positive that the setting in the backend is disabled “Remove Plugin Data on Deletion?”

    You can find this above setting in Testimonials -> Settings -> Reset tab.

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    Thank you for the response, @saurabhd. I’m not seeing that there is such a setting in the prior version of your plugin. Regardless, we didn’t delete the plugin. We didn’t even deactivate it. We had WP 4.7.5 with your prior version plugin, then WP was updated by our host to 4.8, and the testimonials were gone – so I don’t believe that setting would’ve been relevant.

    With some juggling of backups and restore, we have the testimonials now and the OLD version of your plugin with WP 4.8. On our widgets, however, they show all testimonials instead of rotating them. If we upgrade to your latest plugin version, we lose all of the testimonials.

    Weird, right?

    Plugin Author saurabhd


    @ciaobellaz I am really sorry about the trouble.

    The plugin is working well with other 50K+ users and this is little strange to us.
    We can dig into this but will need your website login credential etc.

    Please create an admin login for support@axelerant.com to use for my debugging the issue.

    Also, what’s the website login URL?

    Note: Please do not send your login credential in public forum. Use the above official email id to create an admin user.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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