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  • I’ve recently upgraded to WP 3.9 and noticed a change in behavior regarding Media Upload/Resize. I’ve read a couple of the threads that exists on this topic such as and I understand but don’t agree with all the changes.

    The issue that I’m having specifically is how the resizing now works. After inserting an image into a post (full size), I click on the “pencil” icon to edit the original size (1201×501) to (300×78) and I click on the update button. I can see the image has been resized in draft mode, which is what I’m expecting. I then go to preview the post which will indicate what I would see in the final post and the size of the image has not changed and is fully expanded. I look at the HTML and I can see that it specifies width/height of what I had provided yet the display of the image is the full size.

    This behavior seems to be different and to me this seems like a bug, unless I’m missing something?

    Is there anyway we could get back the small/medium/large settings when uploading media? That was a really handy feature that I really like and I did not have to worry about manually resizing my images

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  • I second this.

    I have not been able to find anyone talking about this yet, but it seems that WP 3.9 displays the full size of the image irrespective of what the HTML outputs.

    DESIRED BEHAVIOR: I upload an image that’s 300X400. I want to display a version of the image that’s 150×200, but when the visitor selects the lightbox, the full image (300×400) displays.

    WHAT’S HAPPENING: The image displays as 300×400 even if I tell the image editor to show a 150x200px version of the image.

    What’s happening here? Any fix for this? I’m going back to 3.8.3 until this is resolved. This is a MAJOR issue!

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