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    I miss some features in the dialog box for image details:
    – A checkbox to open link in new window
    – A field to add custom CSS classes

    These features would also be good to have when you’re in the dialog box for inserting media, so you do not need to open additional dialog boxes.

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  • I too miss the same stuff! I usually add custom css to the images and now I’m missing it… Hope the next revision includes that feature 🙂

    I agree, and it would be especially convenient to able to have the “Open link in a new window/tab” checkbox in the “Image Details” modal however, you can still click a linked image that’s been inserted into a post/page (which outlines it with the resize grabbers and adds the “Edit” and “Delete” icons) and then click the “Link” button in the editor tool bar and check the “Open link in a new window/tab” checkbox in that dialog box instead. It’s an extra couple of clicks but it works.

    I agree with all the above and would like to add the Title and Styles boxes to the list of missing features. Yes, you can code them in the text/html view but losing them is hardly an enhancement.

    On the brighter side, the new image scaling facility is a great improvement on the old +/- 10% check boxes.

    I’ve also noticed that the picture edit and delete buttons do not show when editing a large picture, say 1024 pixels wide. This appears to be because a) the picture disappears off the right side of the screen, with no ability to access it even in fullscreen mode, and b) the buttons have been moved from the left to the right.

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    Moving this out of alpha/beta because it’s not a bug.

    I’ve also noticed that the picture edit and delete buttons do not show when editing a large picture, say 1024 pixels wide.

    Dave, this appears to be fixed in the latest nightly.

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    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Correction – Dave, that IS a bug! And it only happens if your theme isn’t using CSS in the editor. *sigh* No wonder it worked on core/defauklt.

    So we’re on it!

    I use Sandbox on my own self-hosted site, and on another site on, principally because I get more control over what is displayed.

    Thanks for fixing it – I await the next beta update. However, I’m still missing the features listed above – surely they can be easily reinstated.

    Well done – it’s now working. All I need now is the return of the styles box! If I add them manually they are lost when the picture is next edited.

    Since downloading 3.9, I can’t see any text or even get a cursor to edit text in my WP management pages. I have deactivated plugins and themes and nothing. I can see the text on the preview site, but not in the edit mode. My site is not live, so I can’t send you a link. But, I have screenshots.

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    Hi Julie, could you re-post post that here – to create a new thread?

    I really miss the stylebox too. I’m having to add HTML manually to keep my site consistent which is a real pain in the b-word.

    This thread shows the status as resolved, but it’s anything but. The ability to easily add padding and adjust margins, remove borders and be able to edit the path is sorely missed.

    The new plugin released helps a little (there’s a bug in that, since if you leave the border to zero, it still shows a border, so you have to set it to 1 and change the color to white).

    As a developer, I can deal with the CSS myself, but many clients can not and this just adds another hurdle for them to manage their sites.

    Please put back the styling options in your next release.

    Thank you,

    Hmm, that is interesting about the bug. Did you post a message to the developer?

    I will do it now. Thanks.

    WordPress 3.9 for image editing within posts and pages is a disaster! I used to be able to add borders around images, padding, margins, etc., just by entering data into the image editing dialog box. Now what do I do??? Code each image by hand? This is a step way back into the past. I know, how about WP 4.0 going back to coding only with no visual design? Maybe we can go back to DOS while we’re at it, too!

    How can I revert back to WP 3.8 so I can get some work done? I will turn off auto-updates from now on.

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