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  • I’m using headway theme on WP 3.9 with Stella 1.3 and I’m having no problems at all. It might be your theme, but it depends on what kind of error you’re getting.

    I use the full version of Stella though.

    That is really great news!!! Thank you for such a quick respond. Would you mind to send me the link to the full version of Stella where I can download it. Are we talking here about Stella SEO for Yoast, Stella Flag Widget etc so we can work with multi-language site? Or you use Stella XML site plugin? There are actually 4 different Stellas 🙂

    Hi, sorry for the late reply!

    You can get the full version of Stella here:

    By full version I meant the pro one. I do use the Stella Flags, because I like things pretty. Also I use the Stella Sitemap free plugin and the free All in One SEO plugin. Haven’t ventured into the Stella SEO for Yoast.

    I’m having a little issue with my share buttons not showing on the secondary language post/page, I think it’s because of the “structure” of the site and now that I’ve added the proper sitemap I’m hoping it will show.

    In all honesty, the lack of support is setting me off a little bit, because it really looks like the developers no longer care for Stella. I’ve sent a couple of emails, with no response. And even on the “store” facebook page no one answers anything, only the other users. I would consider all your other options before making a purchase. I’m starting to think I made a not-so-good choice 🙁

    I mean, look at this:
    last post was in January, very little response from the admins.

    Hope that helps you with what you need.

    Hi Nina, Thank you so much!!!!!!

    We will become Stella experts :-).
    Agree with you all the Stella’s are great features to WordPress websites, and I am also worried that there are no updates from 2012.

    And the last question as I believe you have multi language site with 2 different languages. Does “All in One SEO Plugin” covering both languages so you can add SEO tags, titles, descriptions to both pages in different languages? Or you use SEO just for one language?

    In advance GREAT THANKS for your feedback. Learned a lot already! Ciao

    You’re very welcome 😀

    And no, All in One SEO does not support SEO for both languages, currently I’m editing tags/etc for the main language, which in my case is English.
    The only way to have the SEO for all languages in your site using Stella would be purchasing the full Stella with the SEO by Yoast extension.

    There’s this article about using Stella with the SEO by Yoast that I read once, it’s here:

    Having a multilingual site is such a hassle, nobody seems to want to help us out. Stella was a good option, but nobody cares for it anymore, so it won’t get the improvements it needs to be “perfect”. The problem is that any other multilingual plugin is going to be just as much hassle. 🙁

    How is your site going?

    @ninamazeo, could you contact me elstupid(at) about this plugin ?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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