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  • breakaway11


    The Set Featured Image thing used to work… but I think after I upgraded to 3.8.1, it stopped working (though not positive).

    When I click it, it loads the popup, but none of the previously uploaded images are loading.

    Then, when I click upload, it uploads the photo, I can change the details (title, description, etc), then I click “Set Featured Image”, and the window closes, but nothing is happening.

    So, there is definitely an issue that wasn’t there before…

    1) No images show when I go to the media library from within a post… when I go to Media >> Library from the sidebar menu, all of the images, including the ones I uploaded with Set featured Image, all show fine.

    2) The Set Featured Image isn’t functioning.

    Things I have already tried to fix it:
    — Disabled all plugins
    — Used the default theme
    — re-installed 3.8.1

    Any ideas??

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  • Have you tried using a different browser? Perhaps the JavaScript used for setting a featured image isn’t running properly in your browser.



    Thanks for the idea…

    I use Chrome, and I tried it in Opera and Firefox and it does the same exact thing.

    Any other ideas??



    Other things not working:

    Creating a new custom field.

    Are you seeing issues with JavaScript-driven tasks anywhere else in WordPress admin (such as quick edit of posts)?



    I just tried Quick Edit for a post (adding an exclamation point to a title, and when I click Update, the gray circle with little white circle moving around loading sign just keeping going around…

    So, if that is a javascript-driven task, then yah.

    Yes, that’s operated by JavaScript. However, since the UI functions are working properly, I have a feeling the issue lies in the AJAX calls being made to the server.

    I did some searching, and it looks like some people who have had AJAX issues in the past have had success by adding the following to their wp-config.php file:

    define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);

    Try that, and let me know if it works.



    I tried that… no luck.

    Have you tried setting up a separate subdomain with a completely brand new install of WordPress? That could help determine whether it’s site-specific or server-wide.



    I’m having problems with 3.8.1. So far neither Quick Edit nor the permalink Edit button work. I tried Firefox, Safari, Chrome.



    Sorry to bug you… the Add Media button doesn’t work either.

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    Laureen777, could you create your own thread here: ?

    Valeriu Tihai


    I have exactly the same problem 🙁

    Valeriu Tihai, please start your own thread.




    I have the EXACT same issue as you have breakaway11.
    A complete fresh install of wordpress 3,8,1 on a new website didn’t give these issues.

    Any progress on this?




    No, it is still not working…

    That said, I ended up setting a custom field to accept a URL, and to show that custom field in the place of my featured image…

    It requires a knowledge of the wordpress codex and themes.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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